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GOFF, GOFF scam, GOFF Stock Scam, GOFF Stock Scam, GOFF CorporationThe most recent pick from Awesome Penny Stocks, Goff Corporation (GOFF) is playing no games when it comes to April Fool’s Day. Smacking the half-dollar level early in the session, traders who took the risk of getting involved with GOFF stock despite the former CEO’s murder charges are having the laugh today. With more than $24 million in dollar volume traded last week while looking up the skirt of Fannie Mae (FNMA) and pant leg of Freddie Mac (FMCC) all of last week, the support is still alive and a run to $1 is not totally out of the question for this pump and dump pick.

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Market Cap: 144.14M
Last: 0.509  +0.0555 (+12.24%)
Volume: 9,539,590
Dollar Volume: $4,638,583
Open: 0.465
High: 0.527
Low: 0.45
Trades: 1,632
1st Resistance Point: 0.4717
1st Support Level: 0.4227

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GOFF stock already surpassed the 100% gains level last week when it broke past 0.408 based on the March 18, Day 1 low of 0.204 — the level that every APS faithful iHubber seems to have gotten in at (according to their touts). With news ending last week about sampling being done, the theory behind actual work on Golden Glory Resources’ La Frontera Gold Project doesn’t seem all that unrealistic after a chance to catch some Discovery Channel over the long weekend.

Alerts are heading out now touting how GOFF stock could see another 100% in gains after surpassing 0.52 early on today to start the month. Considering its only the 10th trading session that Awesome Penny Stocks has been able to drive the stock price up while hard mailers are arriving and phone call stock tips are being given out, the concept of seeing something close to $1 is with the realm of possibilities.

While catching some channel surfing time over the long weekend, I got to see those crazy dudes who are searching for gold not only trek deep into the Amazon Rain Forest, but also construct a barge on site to load a backhoe onto which eventually had to get offloaded and driven through the mud for nearly 30 hours. Watching how they “sample” for gold for their project, it wouldn’t be surprising if APS themselves helicoptered in tot he Colombian site with a couple of pans and sifted the wet dirt for some testing.

The newest alert claims:

“With a target of $2 to $4 from analysts, anything below $1 could be a bargain.”

Let’s be realistic here folks; $1 maybe, $0.90 possibly, $0.60 most likely.

About GOFF Stock

Goff Corporation is the subject of a penny stock promotion by the most powerful group in the industry: Awesome Penny Stocks.

Click here to view the SEC filings for GOFF.
Click here to view the website for Golden Glory Resources.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
03/28/13 0.4535 +0.0250 +5.83% 14,604,700
03/27/13 0.4285 +0.0105 +2.51% 14,336,899
03/26/13 0.4180 +0.0210 +5.29% 14,312,601
03/25/13 0.3970 +0.0260 +7.01% 15,046,800
03/22/13 0.3710 +0.0410 +12.42% 21,291,836


Bottom Line: FNMA and FMCC have been keeping GOFF out of the top traded spot for more than a week now just like American Airlines (AAMRQ) did to Swingplane Ventures (SWVI) – the groups last penny stock pump and dump which touched $1 for a little more than 1 minute. While the scared money is out already of GOFF and the dumb money has yet to commit, look for dollar volume to start breaking into the 7 figure level to gauge when the end is drawing near. Until then, it looks like another boring week for the gold mining stock.

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