Golden Edge Entertainment (GDEE) Is Worth Every $.05

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With so many SNAFU pieces glued together to make this event take place, the longevity of GDEE stock being an entertaining one to be in seems quite limited.

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GDEE Stock


Rather than even entertaining the augmented reality division Golden Edge Entertainment created over the weekend, a look into what traders are really buying (or getting ready to short) seems to be a more realistic approach to analyzing GDEE stock.  From bankrupted Spicy Gourmet Organics, Inc., which sold its assets to Organic Spice Imports, Inc. (ORSI) that changed over to X-Factor Communications Holdings, Inc. (XFCH), what’s really inside the shell of Golden Edge?

At first glance, looking at GDEE stock from the perspective of their 10-K and 13D filing, former CEO Tony Khoury of Montreal, Quebec held 16,065,000 (99.3%) of the 17,065,000 shares issued and outstanding.  If in fact the float was just 1,000,000 shares, it would be a no-brainer to suspect that GDEE stock could in fact be a fantastic play on the OTC, even if it had no assets or revenue stream.

Such is not the case when digging in a bit deeper as the 8-K filed on April 22 shows that 400,000 shares of GDEE stock with an exercise price of $0.05 were issued for $20,000 pursuant to a warrants which existed from the 2010 bankruptcy proceedings.  That might not seem all that bad, but on March 24, 2015, Golden Edge approved a change to the conversion price for all of the warrants outstanding to $0.05 which, less the 400,000 issued, leaves 4,600,000 to be issued for $0.05.

The GDEE alert was pretty loud and clear about making sure those who had or had not subscribed to the newsletter got the point:

My awesome stock is here GDEE!

Dear Investor,

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We are going to do it again, and this time it will be even bigger, much bigger!

Golden Edge Entertainment – GDEE –

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GDEE is trading for just 62 cents a share.

I am certain GDEE will pass $1 today. You can count on that. Once you see that happen I want you to take what I am about to say very, very seriously.

GDEE will go on past 5 bucks. In under two weeks.

GDEE is one of the most promising entertainment companies currently trading on the market.

They are involved in everything from productions, artist development, ticketing to augmented reality.

GDEE is taken very seriously by a large number of A-listers: They have done work for Disney, Universal, ESPN, Sony and many individual artists including Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears.

GDEE is so undervalued now I don’t expect that you will be able to buy share easily. Everyone will be jumping on them today, but if you can…

I highly recommend buying it right now and watching it go up more than 900% in the following weeks.

Fred Palmer


Within the jpeg disclosure, it states that Topnotch Investments LLC of Tuscon, AZ received $22,000 from Platinum Marketing LLC for releasing the newsletter to subscribers.  A subscriber, you may ask, is anyone who once was subscribed to one of the sister sites of the former Awesome Penny Stocks since the alert not only is a carbon copy of the AREN stock alert layout in every facet, but the wording of the disclaimer is almost exactly identical to how the APS sister sites and APS themselves used to issue theirs when operational.

Realistically speaking, augmented reality aside, GDEE shares are likely to take the course other high priced pump and dumps like NuGene International, Inc. (NUGN) and SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. (WNDW) have taken. Since it was shortly after the SNPK pump when APS broke off into two simultaneous pumpers, seeing GDEE run in the shadows of AREN, albeit with less volume, will help allow for all of the 5,000,000 $0.05 shares to be handed over.

Find out more about GDEE shares here: $GDEE


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