GPLH | Game Plan Holdings Looks Like It Could Really RYUN

GPLH stock, OTC GPLH, Sportingblood Nutrition LLC, Game Plan Holdings Inc.Until this week, the penny stock of Game Plan Holdings, Inc (OTC: GPLH) was just sitting around with a couple of dormant social media websites for sports addicts. Now that the Company has entered into an intellectual property purchase agreement with newly formed Sportingblood Nutrition LLC, the chances of seeing GPLH stock begin to show signs of life is much more likely. Based on the findings of some very direct connections and some surreal coincidences, this is one could turn out to be the best OTC stock of 2013.

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GPLH, GPLH stock, OTC GPLH, GPLH Stock Quote, GPLH ticker, Sportingblood Nutrition LLC, Game Plan Holdings Inc., Charles Hazzard,Christina Mabanta-Hazzard, Sporting Blood, Andrew BachmanGPLH Stock Quote

Market Cap: 2.41M
Last: 0.16
Last Trade: Wednesday, Feb 13th, 2013
Authorized: 100,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 26,050,000
14-Day Rel Strength: 40.85%
14-Day Stochastic: 11.11%

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Finally, we have witnessed something that indicates Game Plan Holdings is about to get off the shelf and begin to show traders what we think could be a repeat of 2 years ago. The Company was holding on to their three websites, none of which, like the corporate site, are live any longer. The three social networking sites are:

• – a website that provides a free area on the Web for athletes, sports fans, coaches, and friends to network socially and professionally with each other as well as source for college coaches and high school athletes to connect and interact (that couldn’t possibly break any recruiting rules);
• – a website which provides college baseball coaches with a way to create and request scouting reports on opposing teams; and
• – an online and mobile social networking site that allows users to check in at restaurants, bars, and other venues and accrue points for their check-ins.

None of those ever produced any revenues for the Company.

The new plan began on February 7, 2013 when Game Plan Holdings and Sportingblood Nutrition LLC, a newly formed Delaware limited liability company, agreed to issue 11,000,000 restricted shares of GPLH stock for the acquisition of all right, title and interest in the Sporting Blood trademark and certain product formulations.

The newly issued shares no longer makes the husband and wife team of Charles Hazzard and Christina Mabanta-Hazzard majority shareholders who subsequently sold 5,000,000 shares to Andrew Bachman who now owns 16,000,000 shares, 61.4%, of the issued and outstanding common stock of the Company. (see 8-K here)

Why does any of this matter and what are the “surreal coincidences” with two years ago?

At the end of May, 2011, a Company no one knew of that intended to sell mixed martial arts apparel called Respect Your Universe, Inc. (RYUN) began trading on the OTC at just above 0.20. There were 24,895,500 shares of common stock issued and outstanding as of May 12, 2011.

Within one week, RYUN stock had already run to above 0.40, above 0.70 in two weeks and topped out at $2.53 nearly two months after its launch date for gains of over 1100%. Even for those who were in on the launch and held shares until the end of 2011, gains were still worth more than 375%. (See Chart Below)

GPLH, GPLH stock, OTC GPLH, GPLH Stock Quote, GPLH ticker, Sportingblood Nutrition LLC, Game Plan Holdings Inc., Charles Hazzard,Christina Mabanta-Hazzard, Sporting Blood, Andrew Bachman, Chuck Hazzard, Christina Hazzard

The connections we see and why GPLH is a must watch penny stock moving forward is, not only is the current price almost identical to that of RYUN before it took off, nor is it only because the authorized and outstanding shares are nearly identical, but how about the Company and its insiders, the Hazzards, were already a part of the historic run from 2011.

As seen here on page 15 of the S-1 filing for Respect Your Universe back on April 20, 2010, not only were Christina Hazzard (150,000) and Chuck Hazzard (100,000) pre-IPO shareholders of RYUN stock, but so was Gameplan Holdings (250,000). While Respect Your Universe is focused on selling MMA apparel while Game Plan Holdings just acquired the IP rights to Sporting Blood to sell vitamin and nutritional supplements.

The connections and coincidences are all there, lined up and ready for the takedown. What savvy traders will be doing from here on out is watching for the bell to ring for GPLH stock to enter the arena. With so many connections and coincidences, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to have the same expectations of history repeating itself.

About GPLH Stock

Game Plan Holdings Inc., a development stage company, recently acquired Sporting Blood, a vitamin and nutritional supplements company focused on providing safe, reliable products that have been tested for integrity and quality.

  • Click here to view the SEC filings for GPLH.
  • Click here to view the website for Game Plan Holdings.
  • Click here to see what people are saying about GPLH stock.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
02/13/13 0.1600 unch unch 42,500
02/12/13 0.1600 unch unch 7,500
01/30/13 0.1600 unch unch 62,500
01/25/13 0.1600 -0.0200 -11.11% 25,000
01/23/13 0.1800 -0.0200 -10.00% 25,000


Bottom Line: Too many connections and coincidences line up on this penny stock to keep it off the radar screen for an official launch date. GPLH stock should be in the top 10 penny stocks to watch for some market makers to dig in for the first real trading session. If GPLH can produce even half the gains in half the time that RYUN did, the summer plans of hitting the trailer park with a keg can be adjusted to visiting the stem cell research facility of YFRM (if it even exists).

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