Top Penny Stocks | September’s First Big Week For Trading

NGHT, NGHT StockThe first full week of trading in September should kickoff a heck of a lot better than the Miami Dolphins football season did. Rumor has it that TBX was in Houston scalping tickets prior to the game after they struck out trying to score on Saturday Night at the Crystal Method show organized by NightCulture. APS was rumored to be there as well supposedly selling fake memorabilia in the parking lots with fans being the top seller to any pre-menopausal, peri-menopausal, and post-menopausal women who would had 30 cents to waste.

The irony of Dolphins’ rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s three interceptions Sunday which cost the Dolhins the game are as symbolic as the three pump and dumps which cost traders a ton of cash in the last month: VLNX, PRTN and VKMD. To spend months building up for the excitement of the start of a new season, a new pick, and have it come out like some pee-wee squad whose mother’s made all their kids eat lima beans before the game so they all have diarrhea in the second half.

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What we’re looking at are 12 of the top penny stocks to watch this week which could offer up those traders who still have capital short term benefits. We have a big pick coming out in a few weeks so until then, have a look at these 12 which could pull winning weeks within them.

Top Penny Stocks To Watch

Listed In Order Of Friday’s Closing Stats: Trades

Symbol Price Pct Chg $ Volume Volume Trades
VKMD 0.064 -25.58% 783,560 11,934,657 1,102
PRTN 0.2971 +18.18% 1,057,560 3,683,574 694
BBDA 0.0115 -6.50% 277,755 23,415,616 258
STVF 0.65 -3.70% 674,333 945,161 228
MJNA 0.061 +3.39% 191,108 3,124,341 170
LQMT 0.282 -2.76% 177,699 623,098 146
MXSG 0.435 +24.29% 285,874 707,582 127
PUNL 1.34 +2.29% 687,322 519,060 111
NGHT 0.27 +25.58% 103,009 376,550 80
RYUN 0.76 +18.75% 348,078 487,711 67
GKNI 0.115 +4.55% 31,918 285,652 36
PZOO 0.345 +2.99% 62,320 186,860 29

About Trading Penny Stocks Responsibly

A few things to consider while you wait for Victory Mark to make their announcement sometime in the next few days/weeks: Trading penny stocks is risky. The strongest group on the number one message board basically fell to pieces all because of the shenanigans of dumpers and finger pointers who took things too far this past weekend.

Six tips to consider moving on from the past month of scandals:

1) Seize Your Opportunities: When a stock runs hard, book profits. It’s proven that men make up a larger portion of the penny stock market but women are less inclined to risk profits without banking them.

2) Don’t Let the Man Get You Down: Whether it was waiting for your favorite offshore promoter to bring you the best penny stock pick since sliced bread was created, or its some punk on a message board chasing you out of your beliefs in the stock, plan your trade and trade your plan. Duck all the rest of the spit.

3) Think Big: If you did your research and are going in – go in. Having volume dictate your belief in a liquid stock and buying more only costs you profits you would have had if you had the balls to move in on day one.

4) A Little Swagger Goes a Long Way: Unless you get that “King Kong on Cocaine” feeling after a winning trade by chatting on a message board or in a chat room about your wins, celebrate within reason. Buy your loved one something special, tip your waiter/waitress/bartender more than usual and have a little swagger. If not, you’l wind up like Timothy Sykes.

5) Be Wary of the Next Generation: Putting all your faith in those old-timer “Did you get my last email – I did’nt get a reply back from you” promoters could cost you in the long run. TBX and APS proved that they are not the shining lights everyone had them made out to be. New breeds of awareness groups who tell it like it is and trade with morals are the ones to look for.

6) Don’t Be Ashamed of Enjoying the Fruits of Your Labor: Tell everyone who follows you how you got your stock tips. Everyone knows that with you working or studying 40 hours a week its impossible for you to be so good at it.

Infuse these tips into your trading philosophy and you will be amazed the rewards you will achieve. When 10 people were saying APS sucks, no one listened. When 10,000 voiced their opinion, it changed the world.

Bottom Line: We Know Penny Stocks. Many readers have sent in thank you messages for turning them on to Peregrine Pharmaceuticals (PPHM) back in April when it bounced off it’s low. Hitting 5.08 Friday for a 1,139% gain only proves that we don’t give Psycho penny stock alerts that only make one person money for 2 minutes.

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