GSAG | Late Alerts Spark Volume On Global Security Agency

GSAG stock, GSAG ticker, GSAG stock price, OTC GSAG, Global Security Agency Inc.,Traders who toughed it out on Friday to hang in there for the whole trading session got an early Christmas gift when penny stock alerts went out on Global Security Agency Inc. (GSAG). Sure, Friday’s session was a total DRAG for many, seeing tons of red and little activity, but for those who caught wind around 2:20PM of GSAG stock, the timing could not have been better. Now that NRA President, Wayne LaPierre, has made some public comments regarding the events which have traumatized each and every one of us in recent weeks and months, this Texas based security training agent just might have been on the radar at the right time. The question is: Does it deserve to be?

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Market Cap: 750.59K
Close: 0.01 ▲ 0.0028 (38.89%)
Volume: 6,560,944
Dollar Volume: $55,563
High: 0.01
Low: 0.075
Trades: 98
Average Trade Size: 66,948
Authorized: 100,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 75,059,008

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There is no hiding the fact that the events that took place in Newton, MA, Portland OR and Aurora, CO have no rhyme or reason in our society. All of a sudden, out pours penny stock alerts on a Company which has a page of its website dedicated to school security (see here). Hence, why discovering a Company like Global Security Agency should be looked at in depth since it has been so uniquely timed to an emotional tragedy which has affected us all, especially since the Company has had a less than banner 2012 in the revenue column.

Last year, 2011, was stellar when compared to the first nine months of 2012. The Company booked a total of $1,311,861 during the first nine months from personal protection and private investigation services compared to just $307 for Q3, $385,067 for the nine months ended September 30, 2012. The dramatic decrease was caused due to the completion of contractual obligations and the re-development of the Company’s business plans moving forward into 2013. While there does not appear to be an obvious amount of abuse on the income statement, having reported net income from operations for the three and nine months ended September 30, 2011, there are no reported toxic financiers on the books and the share structure is nearly maxed out as of a month ago, GSAG may be a radar blip at a time when sensitive issues are in the headlines.

From their SEC filings, “In 2013, we plan to establish the Global Services Academy, a learning institution designed to service and train agents, contractors and other individuals in a wide range of safety security practices, including Advanced Police/Law Enforcement, Private Investigations, Armed Details, Personal Executive Protection, Human Resource requirements, Safety Specialist, Fire and Chemical Hazards, Computer Forensics and other security related practices and protocols, as well as specialized training to obtain a unique designation as a “Safety Security Specialist” certified in occupational safety, health and other related safety and operational concerns of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.”

While the idea for many Americans of any armed personnel at a facility which is meant to be a safe haven for the attendees, enter a third world country like the Philippines where every fast food restaurant has at least 3 armed security officials to open the door when you enter, a dozen or more at the entrances to every mall, and each gate of every school gated and patrolled by uniformed police and security personnel and one has to wonder how free we really are and if security specialists like GSAG are an unavoidable in the near to present future.

About GSAG Stock

Global Security Agency Inc. is a security solutions and risk management services company that offers a wide range of security and risk management services for individuals, corporations and other entities including assessments, training, crisis management, protection, support and intelligence as well as a training facility they operate where the Company trains people in a number of security related areas. Click here to view the SEC filings for GSAG.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
12/21/12 0.0100 +0.0028 +38.89% 6,560,900
12/20/12 0.0072 +0.0021 +41.18% 1,538,200
12/19/12 0.0051 -0.0011 -17.74% 31,400
12/17/12 0.0062 -0.0006 -8.82% 2,950,000
12/14/12 0.0068 -0.0002 -2.86% 948,100

Bottom Line: GSAG saw one of the biggest volume trading sessions ever on Friday, and the penny stock alerts were not even issued until after 2PM. While trading will remain lite during the shortened session on Monday, GSAG stock is one to have on the radar. After the dust has settled from of the current volume activity, the PPS should return to below .01 which is when those who have a long strategy can determine if this is one of the penny stocks for 2013.

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