GSTV | Global Stevia Additional Forward Split Now GSTVD

GSTV stock, Global Stevia Corp., GSTV scamWhen 13-for-1 isn’t a large enough forward stock split for a pump, why not do an additional 5-for-1 split like Global Stevia Corp. (GSTV) did today. With some end of the summer hype that the former Guru Health (GRUH) shell that Matthew Christopherson took over was ready to pump, there must not have been enough shares of GSTV stock to go around.

Thus as of today, September 11, 2012, you can source info by searching GSTVD for the next 20 trading session until the D is removed. So you have a month basically to research GSTV.

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New GSTV Stock Structure

Market Cap: Dunno
Authorized: 975,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 299,300,000

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The pump seemed imminent a few weeks ago for the APS connected insider to get the road show in full gear. Now, with a second forward stock split, effectively a 60-for-1 forward stock split in total, there is no question that late October, early November will be stevia profit season. Considering how well Stevia first (STVF) is doing off their new hard mailers, GSTV should see heavy trading once it debuts.

About GSTV Stock

Global Stevia Corp. is a development-stage company and with no revenues and minimal assets.

Bottom Line: Keep GSTV on the list of penny stocks to watch. There is no doubt that in a month’s time, you will be hearing much more about GSTV stock.

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