GSTV | Is The Sweetness Of Global Stevia Finally Palatable?

GSTV stock, Global Stevia Corp., GSTV scamStarting with the “Chief” and ending with the “Dummies”, the penny shares of the once thought to be a possible APS pick, Global Stevia Corp. (GSTV), survived round one. The “Fat Cat” gains expected following the previous successors of the stevia penny stock world, STVF and STEV, were never realized last week. Actually, GSTV stock provided nearly a 0.10 slide from its Tuesday high before bouncing back during the last two hours of trading on Friday after market maker WDCO jumped on the ask. With some big-money action focused for Monday, this sweet leaf focused Company is definitely going to have a “Monster” trading session.

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Market Cap: 41.90M
Close: 0.14, up 0.04 (40.00%)
Volume: 1,048,012
Dollar Volume: $116,316
High: 0.14
Low: 0.083
Trades: 126
Average Trade Size: 8,317

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To “nip” any speculation in the bud, Global Stevia Corp. has a snowball’s chance in hell of being the pick Awesome Penny Stocks releases some time before Thanksgiving. Just because WDCO showed up on Friday, front loaders were salivating to get in the bounce before the close and are praying GSTV is the APS pick this week. For all of those speculating, go have a look at Georgetown Corp. (GTCP).

The initial week of the GSTV stock promotions was weak and Friday’s bounce at least does shed some optimism on tomorrow’s session. If the 8’s are a support level for the stock, GSTV could see some nice bounces worth a couple hundred bucks at least. As every veteran trader has seen, if the insiders have a connection to any former APS picks and they aren’t being promoted by APS, the chances of seeing 100% plus gains like those from Global Resource Energy (GBEN) last week are as likely as getting only one email from the RSI group when they are on a pump.

Promotion, awareness, or pump, whatever your preferred word, traders no longer have the patience to stay in a position until something changes from the seller side whereby traders are sour over having sold too early. In the case of the GSTV stock promotion, Monday will be huge volume, no doubt, and possibly the only play left before traders break off for the left over turkey sandwich scheduled weekend.

About GSTV Stock

Global Stevia Corp., incorporated under the name Guru Health Inc. (GRUH) in the State of Nevada on February 23, 2010, is a a development-stage company with no revenues and minimal assets. The Company, on July 10, 2012, entered into two separate agreements with Stevia Global Vietnam for the acquisition of 95% of Stevia Global Vietnam and the purchase of all stevia leaf product grown by Stevia Global Vietnam for a period of one year.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
11/16/12 0.1400 +0.0400 +40.00% 1,048,000
11/15/12 0.1000 -0.0400 -28.57% 1,299,700
11/14/12 0.1400 +0.0200 +16.67% 1,895,400
11/13/12 0.1200 -0.0600 -33.33% 129,000
11/12/12 0.1800 -0.0200 -10.00% 429,000

Click here to view the SEC filings for GSTV.

Bottom Line: We know penny stocks and there is nothing sweet about GSTV. The bounce on Friday on GSTV stock can be directly connected to WDCO jumping on the ask. Unfortunately, when they jump on the ask of Fannie Mae every now and then, you fail to see a 40% gain on that penny stock. Monday will be huge, but it’s not a stock we think is worth holding over the holiday.

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