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CBIS, TAGG, PWEA, AMBS, SANP, GRNH, MJNA, ERBB, GBEN, GRZGThe weak OTC market trading thus far is clearly indicative that empty glasses are waiting to be filled with the next batch of Kool Aid that Awesome Penny Stocks has to offer on Tuesday. The groups last pick, TagLikeMe Corp. (TAGG), was as bright as those flashlights they use on CSI in the day time to dramatize the scene for viewers. Facebook, Microsoft or Apple never stepped in and made a buyout offer on the “promised to be” $1 plus TAGG stock. Regardless, order was restored and the Kool Aid drinkers all believe again that a paid subscription early alert like Vision Plasma Systems (VLNX) will never happen as long as the pick is kept a secret.

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Top 10 Penny Stocks Traded (as of 10:30AM)

Symbol Price % Chg $ Volume Share Vol Trades
CBIS 0.069 -22.91% 1,425,390 17,865,374 962
TAGG 0.0715 -19.66% 644,183 8,486,104 726
AMBS 0.0615 +20.59% 735,275 13,456,842 572
PMEA 0.333 +566.00% 852,423 2,674,408 525
SANP 1.18 +10.28% 1,174,783 1,023,583 505
GRNH 0.07 -17.65% 518,550 5,591,097 424
MJNA 0.105 -7.08% 544,857 5,076,249 327
GBEN 0.215 +29.52% 380,446 1,754,720 288
GRZG 1.65 -4.62% 448,401 266,455 213
GRPH 0.89 +4.71% 335,398 375,005 174

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Monday’s session, thus far for the top 10 penny stocks, is still focused on the Marijuana stocks but with much less optimism that was there during election week. Cannabis Science (CBIS), Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA) and GreenGro Technologies Inc. (GRNH) all have managed to continue to be headliners for traders.

Falling just out of the top 10 penny stocks list traded from the first hour is another one of the marijuana stocks: Tranzbyte Corporation (ERBB). One month after addressing the removal of the 18 month long DTC Chill on ERBB stock is surging in the early session up 66.67% at 0.007 on $99,770 volume, 15,841,417 shares. The driving force behind Altitude Organic Corporation, independently owned retail dispensaries under the Altitude Organic Medicine brand name in Colorado, California, and Arizona, is hoping to capture some love from the recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado.

Among the list of usual suspects is the successor to Pycho’s Warp 9 Inc. (WNYN), PM & E Inc. (PMEA). The solar powered driven momentum behind PMEA stock has again followed that same chart pattern all the previous picks have done, with the exception to WNYN stock which was supposed to be a one and done alert like the rest. Amazing what a shell can trade for since PM & E Inc. clearly states that it is currently operating as a holding company.

As of September 30, 2012 (see here), PM & E reported having $1,000 in Cash, $0 Revenues, General and Administrative expenses of $4,000 and 112,000,000 shares outstanding. But hey, what the heck, let’s all go chase the tail on this #2Flusher since everyone else is jumping in.

So, while some traders jump on the pre-load wagon bying up some shares in Global Stevia Corp. (GSTV) which is up 30.00% to 0.26 with its highest volume session since its 2nd forward stock split, 63,585, what is the APS group gonna bring this time? 100%? 200%? Will there ever be another NSRS or SNPK from Awesome Penny Stocks or are they now the New York Yankees of the promotion world whereby they win only because people are starring at their pinstripes?

Bottom Line: These top 10 penny stocks plus two, ERBB and GSTV, are not currently breaking the sound barrier in their ascensions up the charts. That said, all eyes will be on the next pick from APS tomorrow which we still, since they have bent over traders and fleeced the market for millions f dollar this year, think its best played on day two to make sure they don’t pull another fat one like they did with VLNX.

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