GWBU Gets Backing of 14th Smallest Country in the World

Shares of  Great Wall Builders Ltd. (OTC: GWBU) stock are set to open at $1.53 and should soar to the heavens and kiss the sky in today’s trading session. GWBU who, like Ron Artest changed to Metta World Peace, has asked to be called  Start Technologies Europe I.G., got positive results from the Barbados Ministry of Transport and Works. Polluting emissions and fuel consumption must be an enormous problem in the Caribbean island furthest east of the Lesser Antilles with less than 300 thousand people call home.

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GWBU Stock Chart:

The tests were conducted over a 2 month period wherein the Barbados Ministry of Transport and Works recorded an average increase of 20% in fuel efficiency in the vehicles tested. The Ministry also noted a significant decrease in particulate matter emissions, resulting in much less visible exhaust smoke.

Transaltion: General Motors, Ford and Dodge are all having a conference call as we speak to come up with the best punchline to this joke of a “test results” press release. The “Dump” in pump and dump is underway so grab as much toilet paper as you can cause it could get messy real quick.

About the Barbados Ministry of Transport and Works

The Ministry of Transport & Works of Barbados throw a wicked party when they are not overseeing the affairs of the nation’s roads, highways, and the public transportation system which spans across the 166 square miles of the island. It is seeking to reduce air pollution generated by public vehicles, in line with the National Sustainable Development Policy for Barbados, introduced in 2004.

The Ministry of Transport and Works plays a pivotal role in infrastructure development of Barbados, as well as some excellent bongo drums, thus giving support to its economic and social sectors. More than any other Ministry, they have an undefeated record in International Cricket tournaments against other Ministry of Transport and Works co-ed Cricket teams.

Bottom Line: If you own GWBU stock you are playing with fire while wearing gasoline drenched clothing. The penny stock is going to dump like the rocket fuel from the space shuttle before re-enetering the earth’s atmosphere which is about how hard and fast GWBU is going to come down.

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