Have You Got Orgenesis Inc. (ORGS) On Your Radar Yet?

ORGS Stock, Tobin Smith, Orgenesis Inc.One of the most challenging problems of the 21st century, diabetes, affecting more than 21 million Americans. Tobin Smith, of NBT Equities, thinks that the investors will jump on the penny stock of Orgenesis Inc. (ORGS), a recent biotech start up that believes they can end that problem by converting a patient’s own liver cells into functional insulin producing cells, especially after he issued a $2.50 price target in 12-18 months. With a slew of tickers connected to ORGS stock that have long, profitable runs, perhaps the $50,000 tout to get in now is worth risking a holiday hold based on how other Clark Wilson LLP set ups have performed.

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ORGS Stock Quote

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When you first look at Orgenesis and their recent €2.015 million support program for the research and development of a potential cure for Type 1 Diabetes, you get a glimpse at what kind of news an investor can expect to hear over the coming 12-18 months. Back in October, the Company received U.S. patent No. 8,778,899, “Methods of Inducing Regulated Pancreatic Hormone Production in Non-pancreatic Islet Tissues,” which is said to reprogram human liver cells into glucose-responsive, fully functional Insulin Producing Cells.

So the story behind Orgenesis is strong, strong enough to have began the ORGS marketing campaign prior to the new year when the ticker is most likely to see its first real glimpse of investor attention. It was back in April, on 2 consecutive trading sessions, when ORGS share volume broke past the 100,000 level.

Looking deeper into the tissues that make up Orgenesis, it was Clark Wilson LLP, the Vancouver, British Columbia law firm, that was privileged enough to have assisted the Company with their S-1 filing. Clark Wilson LLP is a familiar firm among traders playing big promos with the likes of KonaRed Corp (KRED), The Alkaline Water Company, Inc. (WTER), Electronic Cigarettes International Group, Ltd. (ECIG), Titan Iron Ore Corp. (TFER) and Swingplane Ventures, Inc. (SWVI), as well as MNP Petroleum Corp. (MNAP), Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp. (LBSR), Respect Your Universe Inc (RYUN) and Solaris Power Cells, Inc. (SPCL) a few others they are directly linked with.

Further research comes with good and bad news when it comes to looking at the a couple of the seed shareholders involved with Orgenesis. On the good side, you have ATMI BVBA, now known as Pall Life Science Belgium BVBA, a Belgian Company which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pall Corporation (NYSE:PLL) which was registered for up to 1,526,718 shares of ORGS stock and another 1,526,718 that may be issued upon the exercise of warrants. On the bad side, Kodiak Capital Group, LLC, involved with Green Automotive Company (GACR) and GEI Global Energy Corp. (GEIG), had up to 7,300,000 shares from an investment agreement dated December 13, 2013.

It’s worth noting that Pall is in at $0.8515 per unit for total consideration of $1,300,000, while Kodiak Capital Group came in later for $3,000,000. The first name to pop up when researching the share purchase history is Derby Management, LLC who dropped $1,100,000 for 1,100,000 shares of ORGS stock and 1,100,000 warrants. Derby Management, LLC, as well as Aspen Agency Limited, a Hong Kong corporation which agreed to provide investment banking, investor relations and business development services to the Company in exchange for 3,000,000 stock options at an exercise price of $0.52 per share, for a period of three years, only show up on SEC filings under Orgenesis.

Two note holders, Nine Investments Limited, a Hong Kong Corp., and Mediapark A.G., a Marshall Island company, also only show up on Orgenesis. Nine Investments can convert their note into ORGS shares at $0.40 a share while Mediapark already has theirs converted at $0.52 a share.

The share structure is due to change when Orgenesis files their 10-K fr the fiscal year ended November 30, 2014. On November 6, the Company entered into a share exchange agreement with MasTHerCell SA and Cell Therapy Holding SA when they acquired the two, collectively Masthercell, in exchange for the issuance of $24,593,000 in value of ORGS stock, set to be pegged between $0.80 and $0.50.

Hence, with $0.50-$0.52 more or less the magic number and today’s 15 page ORGS alert from Tobin Smith and NBT Equities, a $50,000 multi-day awareness program, paid for in restricted stock, where do you go from here? Seeing as how KRED, WTER, ECIG and SWVI were all big plays on the OTC that ran for multiple weeks, having a dip into ORGS stock while holiday trading is low could pay off big come 2015.

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About ORGS Stock

Orgenesis Inc., together with its subsidiaries, is a development stage company focused on the research and development of a new technology for regeneration of functional insulin-producing cells, thus, enabling normal glucose regulated insulin secretion, via cell therapy.

Click here to view the SEC filings for ORGS.
Click here to view the website for Orgenesis Inc.

Authorized: 1,750,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 55,172,617

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Chg Volume
12/12/14 0.6100 0.6700 0.6000 0.6300 -0.0200 -3.08% 16,400
12/11/14 0.6500 0.7000 0.6500 0.6500 unch unch 17,700
12/10/14 0.6500 0.7000 0.6500 0.6500 +0.0500 +8.33% 10,500
12/09/14 0.6000 0.6000 0.6000 0.6000 +0.0500 +9.09% 700
12/08/14 0.5706 0.6300 0.5500 0.5500 -0.0500 -8.33% 31,300


Bottom Line:

Not every ticker NBT Equities comes out with an outrageous price target runs, but when the one they’re calling has links to some of the better promoted penny stocks of the last 2 years, taking notice is worth the effort. Volume on ORGS stock should remain average heading into the final week of 2014 and probably well into the start of 2015. As WTER, ECIG and KRED took their time to get going before churning the waters, selling into volume might be the play moving forward with ORGS stock.

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