HJOE | Hangover Joe’s Needs Shades, Future Is Bright

HJOE Stock, Hangover Joe's, Hangover Joe's Recovery ShotThe penny stock of Hangover Joe’s (HJOE) kinda went to sleep towards the end of the summer after some early traders jumped in to get their shares locked up. A smart move for early speculators of HJOE stock after the markets closed Friday with a PR that Convenience Store News named Hangover Joe’s Recovery Energy Product the Best New Product/Energy Product at their 16th annual competition. Translation:  It’s as real as a ten bagger gets and we will illustrate why.

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HJOE Stock Stats

Market Cap:
Close: 0.19, down -0.04 (-19.05%)
Volume: 2,800
High: 0.21
Low: 0.17
Issued and Outstanding: 120,322,628 

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This award HJOE is receiving from Convenience Store News, chosen by a consumer panel administered by New York-based research firm Past Times Marketing, is scheduled to be announced at the NACS show in Las Vegas in October. It comes at the beginning of the NFL and college football seasons which inebriates over 500,000 U.S. football fans each and every week. Whether its a tailgate party, home barbecue, or just couching through the Sunday Ticket alone, football fans are learning that, regardless of who wins, Hangover Joe’s Get Up & Go™ can make the following morning a much brighter day.

Now, to the illustration as to why HJOE stock is a potential 10 bagger:

In the 10-Q filed for Hangover Joe’s for the three months ended June 30, 2012, the financial data is from Accredited Members Holding Corporation, a publisher of investment-related research and information regarding microcap companies, which it provides through various channels including its website, print media, and investment conferences intended for high net-worth investors, www.accreditedmembers.com, as well as certain services to corporate or issuer clients representing multiple types of investor-related services.

HJOE was officially acquired on July 25th when the Company issued 83,514,827 common shares, 69% of the Company, to the Hangover Joe’s shareholders in exchange for all of their ownership interests.

However, at the bottom portion of the 10-Q for the period ended June 30, 2012, a break down of Hangover Joe’s Holding Corp. and the actual Hangover Joe’s Inc. allows for a starting point at which to calculate from. For the purpose of this explanation, Hangover Joe’s, HOJ, or the Company will be referring to the entity which was acquired on July 25th, i.e., the makers and sellers of Hangover Joe’s Get Up & Go™.

For the six months ended June 30, 2012, HOJ booked revenues of $350,374 with a gross profit of $57,157, approximately 16.31%. G&A expenses were $423,537 for the six month period and selling/marketing expenses were $184,354. Compared to the six months ended June 30, 2011, revenues increased by $306,907 and gross profit increased by $73,491. This all while HOJ was repackaging their product after being discovered at a Vegas trade show by a Hollywood agent in 2011.

Hangover Joe’s is now available in more than 33,000 locations across the U.S. and has licensing and distribution deals in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. One location we will use for this illustration is GNC where you can purchase online a case of Hangover Joe’s™ Hangover Recovery Shot for $45.48, $36.38 as a gold card member which we will use for the illustration as a cost per bottle denominator. With 12 shots per case, each shot is roughly $3.00 for this calculation.

Let’s assume that each of the 33,000 locations sells 1 bottle/shot per week. That’s  $99,000 per week gross revenues, $5.148 million gross revenues per year. Now let’s assume they sell 2 bottles/shots at each of the 33,000 locations a week, that’s 198,000 per week gross revenues, $10.296 milion gross revenues per year. Not optimistic enough selling one shot/bottle per week?

Let’s assume that each of the 33,000 locations sells 1 bottle/shot per day. That’s $99,000 per day gross revenues, $36.135 million in gross sales for a year. Using the gross profit percentages for the trailing six months, 16.31%, that’s a possible gross profit of  nearly $6 million.

Liars can figure, but figures don’t lie.

About HJOE Stock

Hangover Joe’s is the exclusive producer of The Hangover Recovery Shot, the official licensed product of The Hangover movie and the nation’s Number One selling hangover recovery product. Taken the morning after and featuring a patent-pending blend of antioxidants, vitamins and herbs, Hangover Joe’s Recovery Shot is the quickest way to overcome the day-after side effects of alcohol consumption.

Bottom Line: HJOE is a great long penny stock, especially with the official licensing of Warner Bros. and the filming of The Hangover Part 3 currently taking place in Mexico. HJOE stock is likely to see some heavy trading activity in the near term with speculation of it uplisting or being bought out by one of the larger conglomerates.

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