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During the past few trading sessions, Aperture Health Inc. (OTC PINK: APRE) has awoken with the three day average volume now at 956,833.  Shares of the asset-less company have seemed to have sparked an interest in some even though there has yet to be an update on the nearly one year attempt to acquire CSS Allainace LLC, nor any new filings since their three months ended March 31.  Despite the volume levels being lower than some would consider to be “of interest” for any real money to be made, APRE stock is hitting scanners now and their low share structure could push it up the rails a bit more.

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APRE Stock


Back in November, 2014, Aperture Health, a company formerly focused on healthcare consulting, stated they were in talks to close on deal with CSS Alliance LLC which would call for the issuance of “100 million shares of JSJM shares to CSS” which would provide true value in the near future for the combined shareholders of the companies.  The next update came at the end of May which stated that definitive agreements would be released by the end of May 2015 – a date which has come and gone and nothing new has since surfaced.

The APRE Share Structure (as of March 31, 2015):

  • Authorized: 100,000,000
  • Issued and Outstanding: 53,575,934
  • Unrestricted: 27,446,492

The Company has long been attempting to complete the acquisition CSS Alliance, LLC, a steel management corporation, the manages PASS BOX GLOBAL’s manufacturing of their Portable Aggregate Supply System.  Although no news updates have yet surfaced, and no new filings for the period ended June 30 have yet to be released, this CSS Alliance is said to be managing the manufacturing of this system, designed for use on rail, truck, and barges without changing a thing, on a worldwide basis.

A point worth noting is that, within the March 31 filings, it states that 881 Anything Technologies Media Inc. was issued 4,000,000 free trading shares of APRE stock at $0.003 per share.

No updates have surfaced since late May when the acquisition target, CSS Alliance LLC, was still a work in progress.  With three consistent trading sessions now and shares having tripled from the 0.0078 low on Thursday last week, perhaps APRE stock can continue to choo-choo up the charts without too much attention ahead of their next update.

Find out more about APRE shares here: $APRE



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