Hot Penny Stocks | Can The Next Pick Really Be Awesome?,, Victory Mark, TBX, TheBullExchangeEver since the summer, penny stock trading has transitioned from a gourmet prepared 100% USDA hamburger to something microwaved from some truck stop convenience store. The buys are ending within the first 45 minutes of any given penny stock alert, traders are selling quick and those late to the party are those who show up on time. With dollar volume and total trades executed dropping off nearly -50% in October compared to the same month in 2011, will it take the traders’ efforts for penny stocks to display the 10-bagger gains of old or are the sellers just gonna have to become more patient and let momentum build?

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OTCBB Listed Penny Stocks For October – 2012 vs. 2011

October 2012 October 2011 % Change
Securities (Avg Daily) 1,185 2,383 -50.27%
Quote Updates (Avg Daily) 1 1 0%
Market Makers (Avg Daily) 86 100 -14%
MM per Security (Avg Daily) 1.17 1.74 -32.76%
Total Positions (Avg Daily) 1,389 4,144 -66.48%
Total Share Volume 4,229,816,766 8,214,566,281 -48.51%
Total Dollar Volume $477,194,295 $849,227,274 -43.81%
Total Transactions 207,098 326,295 -36.53%

And it isn’t even that 2011 was so great compared to previous years (see here)

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No one ever said trading penny stocks was easy and that losses would be avoidable. You will have losses, you have had losses — It’s all part of the game. That we can all agree with. Even the best pennys tock traders with direct lines to the A-list promoters and a bullet-proof system are subject to a total disaster if they don’t deploy disciplined risk management techniques. Since the summer came along, and especially after the paid alert issued on Vision Plasma Systems (VLNX) by the Awesome Penny Stocks crew, I’ve know of  traders who were completely shattered and psychologically devastated over the losses. Unfortunately, you just have to pick up the pieces and deal with it.

But, how do you deal with it? Did you size your trades right? Were you prepared for them to bitch-slap you? Did you blow out your account? Did you get raped as well by the The Bull Exchange alert on Viking Minerals (VKMD) which they pulled out of right after the closing bell on day one similar to how the Victory Mark crew did with Solo International (SLIO) this past week?

As a trader, you get information on a trade like these and think to yourself that it’s going to be a winner since everyone else is jumping in —not just a winner, but a Monster trade. You sit there, licking your chops, holding your breathe while you mentally spend the cash that is about to roll in. And what happens? Because the last time you looked at that “huge bag of cash” you were going to collect from the last trade didn’t come in, selling early is the only option unless you want to go live in a van down by the river.

So, how can this all be repaired and order in the penny stock world restored? Is it even restorable or is it so FUBAR that what we have today with 15-30 minute gains is the new norm? I say it is broken and it can be fixed and it all falls into the hands of the tried and true who have left traders portfolios black and blue: Awesome Penny Stocks.

With the upcoming pick due out this holiday shortened trading week, on behalf of all those involved in penny stocks, I beg you to let this one be a breather. Squeeze out the short sellers continuously like pimples on a teenagers face, break all the records from before with dollar volume sessions, and put up some long term percentage gains within the 30-35 trading session coverage of the alert that make the long money made on North Springs Resources (NSRS) look like bus fare change .

We know that the time has come for another mining deal like that which ended 2011 and put up gains of over 1,000%. Although we’re asking readers to watch Swingplane Ventures (SWVI) closely, especially since the 10-Q was just filed after the close on Friday (see here), just don’t punk the traders with whatever picks they are any more. Baby needs shoes, the wife needs some clothes, and we all need some holiday cheer to roll off this “Fiscal Cliff” with together.

Bottom Line: Whatever the Awesome Penny Stocks pick is this week, you can be sure that it will be covered in detail here within 30 minutes of its issuance if it isn’t already. Subject to punk outs, fake alerts, and a full scale war on the Gaza Strip ending all mankind, this new penny stock alert should be the “real deal”, although a trader can only have so much trust after the last 4 months.

While we are cautiously optimistic, traders should still plan their trade and trade it accordingly. united together indirectly in the penny stock world, let’s just count on the MIB to do that thing they do better than anyone else right now and make it rain.

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