Hot Penny Stocks to Buy: SNPK, LQMT, AAMRQ, ISML, OREO

Shares in the penny stock of Sunpeaks Ventures (OTC: SNPK) could have to fight for their reign on the most actively traded today. There was an announcement of another pump and dump report that SNPK stock will go to $8. Yeah and Jennifer Aniston is on her way over to the office to show me here new PRVCY jeans.

LiquidMetal Tech (OTC: LQMT) has seen its penny stock price climb all week with the additional 20% gain inthe 1st few minutes of today’s session. All of the penny stocks on the OTC may have to fight one of the big boyz off as an announcement came out just minutes after the opening bell that US Airways has filed an 8-K form with the SEC to begin the process of a takeover of American Airlines (Pinksheets: AAMRQ), which is currently in Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

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Hot Penny Stocks to Buy

Symbol Price Pct Chg $ Volume Volume Trades
SNPK 1.24 +9.73 1,901,843 1,610,790 514
LQMT 0.349 +20.30 479,322 1,406,347 224
AAMRQ 0.5699 -1.74 362,872 638,122 144
ISML 0.188 +95.83 307,680 1,879,583 143
OREO 1.45 -3.97 175,318 117,629 96


Out of nowhere, shares in the penny stock of ISM International (Pinksheets: ISML) are almost double, up nearly 96%, in the designer, engineer, fabricator, and installer of promotional and thematic displays in shopping malls and retail outlets. There must have been a shipment of Clotamin that just arrived in Canada.

American Liberty Petroleum (OTC: OREO) is looking pretty sweet as well even though the share price in the penny stock is down nearly 4% thus far. OREO stock price has gained nearly 19% in the last five trading sessions.

Bottom Line: Add all five of these, SNPK, LQMT, AAMRQ, ISML, OREO, to your list of penny stocks to buy before 10:30am. You wouldn’t want to get stuck holding on to any of them over the weekend so trade responsibly and know you can always buy back in on Monday if you love the penny stocks that much. The market is going anywhere.

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