How Safe Is Safebrain Systems (SFBR) Penny Stock?

SFBR Stock, SafeBrain Systems Inc., SafeBrain StockLast week, we walked into a sports trade show taking place at a hotel in Fort Lauderdale to do some scouting and stumbled upon Alveron Energy Corp. dba Safebrain Systems, (AECP). Alveron Energy is not a new company, but their $900,000 acquisition of Safebrain Systems from Rod Newlove is so fresh that the ink has barely dried on the purchase agreement. That said, AECP is a penny stock that must be added to the list to watch since this technology could easily be implemented into a growing athletic population globally. Concussions are becoming an epidemic in sports and this penny stock appears to be ready to take off.

Update: On June 20, 2012 the shareholders of the Company approved, at a special meeting, amendments to the Company’s Certificate of Incorporation:

o changing the name of the Company from Alveron Energy Corp. (AECP) to Safebrain Systems, Inc. (SFBR),
o increasing the number of shares of common stock the Company is authorized to issue to 250,000,000 shares, and
o authorizing the issuance of 10,000,000 preferred shares.

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AECP Stock Chart

Market Cap: 9.91M
Shares Outstanding: 55.47M
Float: 34.47M (est.)

Michael Scott, Alveron Energy’s President and CEO, purchased 39.90 million shares from Sang-Ho Kim who, at that time, was Alveron’s CEO. Upon purchasing Safebrain Systems Inc., Scott transferred 18.90 million of those shares purchased from Sang-Ho Kim to various shareholders in SafeBrain Systems, Inc. and to other third parties. Hence the estimated float of 34.47 million shares, 21 million which Scott, the only insider, still owns. (see here)

About Safebrain Systems

Safebrain System is a unique technological advancement in the field of studying and understanding brain trauma injuries. SafeBrain works in two ways:

· The Cranium Impact Analyzer Sensor (the “C.I.A.”) is mounted on the helmet of an athlete; and
· The SafeBrain software allows in-depth analysis of any impact event and can be customized for the notification and data logging settings for each athlete.

The C.I.A. sensor was designed to ensure compatibility with a wide range of athletic helmets. The sensor is approximately the size of a quarter and weighs less than 8 grams. Even at this small size, the C.I.A. patented sensor contains a 3-axis accelerometer, based on a 16-bit microprocessor. The C.I.A. sensor contains a data-logger and real-time clock to provide time-stamped force-readings when used with the SafeBrain software.

Placed on the helmet, the small CIA sensor accurately measures G-force on all 3 –axis. An LED indicator light flashes to alert the monitor, coaching staff or an individual when an impact has occurred that has the potential to cause a concussion which requires proper assessment and perhaps medical attention.

How to Market Safebrain

Alveron Energy plans to market the SafeBrain System to non-professional athletes who participate in sports that require helmets such as hockey, football, biking, motor-cross, skiing and snowboarding. With over 1.5 million registered minor hockey players worldwide, 71% of which are within North America on over 50,000 teams., there are also an estimated 1.1 million high school students playing American football and 35,000 college players currently in the U. S.

Studies published over the last 20 years indicate that 15-20% of high school football players or nearly 250,000 players suffer concussions each year in the United States. According to as of October 25, 2011, thirty-three states in the USA have enacted youth sports concussion related laws. Although the wording varies from state to state the focus is primarily on three main points;

· Teams are to educate their players and parents about the nature of concussions and brain injury;
· Coaches who suspect a player has sustained a concussion must remove the player from the game, competition and practice; and
· A player removed from play due to a concussion must be evaluated by a health care provider and receive written clearance before participating in sports again.

With the demand for extreme sports related competitions growing, sports such as biking, skiing, snow-boarding, motor cross and the like are also garnering significant media exposure for head trauma related injuries most noticeably concussions.

SafeBrain is currently the only product that has state of the art advancement technology with 360 degree impact gauging and monitoring in addition to indicator warning lights that flash the moment of impact. SafeBrain will be marketed to all amateur football and hockey teams starting at the novice level through major junior and professional levels.

In addition SafeBrain will also be marketed to individuals and teams in other sports such as skateboarding, skiing, biking, bmx freestyle, motor cross, sport racing and lacrosse. The primary focus for the first 18 to 24 months will be the North American football and hockey markets although there will be no limitations placed on sales in other markets.

So How Much Will Safebrain Cost?

Alveron Energy has yet to record any revenues from Safebrain since it took ownership a month ago. The Company expects revenues to be derived from three components:

Football: $4,995.00 Each SafeBrain System will contain a Team Kit which consists of: 52 C.I.A. Sensors, Safe Brain Software, Netbook PC, Storage Case, Instruction Manual, two data transfer interface cables and 2 C.I.A. emergency replacement sensors.

Hockey: $2,995.00 Each SafeBrain System will contain a Team Kit which consists of: 22 C.I.A. Sensors, Safe Brain Software, Netbook PC, Storage Case, Instruction Manual, two data transfer interface cables and 2 C.I.A. emergency replacement sensors.

Maintenance Agreement and Team Maintenance: $499.00 The annual maintenance agreements for teams or individuals will include complete battery replacement on all Units as needed, testing, verification and calibration certification on all CIA devices. Data storage is also included to record and store downloaded user data safely and effectively for the entire time any one specific user or team is using the device. A satisfaction guaranteed lifetime warranty also enables easy repair or replacement on any Units sold.

Individual Units will also be sold at a cost of $199.00 and annual maintenance costs $49.99 per year.

To view the SEC filings for AECP, click here. For more information about Safebrain Systems, visit Furthermore, here is a great article to read about Alveron energy’s Safebrain Systems.

Bottom Line: AECP must be on your list of penny stocks to watch going into July and for the remainder of 2012. Even Major League Baseball has taken concussions serious enforcing a new helmet to be used in 2012 by all players to prevent serious injuries. AECP likely will have a ceiling at or around $0.75 which leaves a $0.55 range for the stock to rise.

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