How To Get Discounted New York Knicks and Yankees Tickets

Who would ever think you could get cheap tickets to see your favorite sports team by trading a penny stock that deals with them?

Long time readers know I’m an absolute sports fanatic and I too have been caught up in Lin-Sanity having paid $4,000 bucks a ticket for seats 5 rows behind the Knicks bench last night here in Miami. Yes, Lin-sanity has made it down to Miami and ticket prices to get in last night were near the $500 range so good think I bought my tickets a week ago.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the New York Knicks’ guard Jeremy Lin is the Lin-Sanity reference having taken the NBA by storm like a penny stock. He’s got an amazing story, cheap price and performs better than the blue chip players with his dazzling play that’s winning over the hearts of fans worldwide.

Investing in Jeremy Lin is an easy thing to do since this penny stock attraction has been winning ratings for Madison Square Garden (NASDAQ: MSG) which owns the Garden, manages the sports franchises it hosts and operates multiple cable TV channels. MSG has just hit its all-time high of 33.49 on February 22nd. This is the highest MSG stock price has been since they spun-off from Cablevision (NYSE: CVC) two years ago. Making money on MSG then subtracting those profits from the amount you spend on NBA tickets and Walla – you’ve got your discounted tickets to see the Knicks and experience Lin-Sanity.

Another New York favorite of mine are the New York Yankees and their robust All-Star cast of future and past hall of famers. Even the hit TV show “White Collar” did an episode based on the priceless memorabilia the Yankees have on display at the “New” House that Ruth Built. However, with contracts not under the salary cap limitation like in the NBA, the amount paid to any baseball player is all subject to how good the player is coupled with how good his agent is.

New York Yankees Pitcher and Future shoe-in for Cooperstown, C.C. Sabathia, signed a contract extension in October for five years and $122 Million. Their not-so-distant rivals, The Boston Red Sox, signed a contract last year with Outfielder Carl Crawford is signed thru 2017; 7 years for $142 Million. These are just two of the contracts that were represented by the now, publicly trading newly formed Sports Agency, TLA Worldwide Plc (LSE: TLA.L).

The Legacy Agency quietly raised about $10 million of debt financing and about $20 million from placing shares in the new agency on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange, the U.K version of the OTCBB.

Note: Quotes on the LSE are in pence so today’s quote on TLA of 22.00 per share is 22 pence or $0.348 in U.S. dollars

The new agency, called The Legacy Agency, will operate under parent TLA Worldwide is the result of a merger between Legacy Sports Group and The Agency Sports Management.

Legacy Sports Group, the baseball player representation firm run by prominent MLB player agent Greg Genske, merged with athlete marketing company The Agency, run by veteran agent Jordan Bazant. The CEO of TLA Worldwide is Michael Principe who helped create the former SFX Sports and Blue Entertainment Sports Television.

The representation side of TLA Worldwide will continue to focus on baseball, already acting on behalf for All-stars including Yankees Ace, C.C. Sabathia, Boston Red Sox outfielder Carl Crawford and the Milwaukee Brewers second baseman Rickie Weeks. Baseball will continue to be TLA’s focus simply because baseball’s strong fundamentals: long, contracted, visible earnings in a sport that is global, growing and enjoys unprecedented levels of success and labor stability.

So it comes to the same scenario when you are looking for a discount or cheap tickets to see the Yankees or Red Sox by investing in TLA.L :

  • 162 Regular Season Games (81 Home Games)
  • $81 profit gets you a $1 discount to each home game
  • $162 profit gets you a $2 discount to each home game
  • $243 profit gets you a $3 discount to each home game

Etc., etc., etc….It’s all about how you look at it.

When there is BIG money to be made, you want to be early to the party before the crowd shows up in order to maximize your gains. Watch these two stocks, MSG and TLA.L and we’ll see you at the ballpark.

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