Penny Stock Alert: Aquentium (AQNM) About To Run On Lithium

We issued a “Suspicious Volume Alert” on June 6th when we saw shares of Aquentium Inc. (OTC: AQNM) being dumped on to the market in the millions. AQNM stock price rose as high as 0.128 Friday before settling down at 0.09 on volume of 3.78 million, a perfect price for a bull rally on an investor alert. After the Company’s statement on Friday that their wholly owned subsidiary, New American Energy Inc., is now entering the lithium ion battery / energy storage industry, there is no question that this virtually revenue-less company with $15 in the bank is off to the races.

This could be an absolute dump so beware, but we think it’s gonna run based on a number of momentum building factors.

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Market Cap: 4.18M

Avg Vol (3 month): 226,810
Avg Vol (10 day): 825,400

Shares Outstanding: 46.46M
Float: 13.94M

According to their announcement, New American Energy will now be able to provide proven energy storage and management solutions utilizing patented technology. The plan is to be able to provide an intelligent, integrated, and interactive way to store and distribute energy. Make that energy affordable, efficient, and effective and it might be something that could take off and become usable for emergency and uninterrupted power generation. The key is to be able to make it affordable.

Tomas Alvarez, New American Energy’s VP of Global Marketing stated “Whether you are hooked up to the grid and seeking an efficient energy storage solution, producing alternative energy, looking for the most intelligent energy management system, and/or need to find the most affordable backup power supply on the market today, Aquentium and New American Energy can provide a proven integrated solution that is Green, Affordable, Efficient, and Sustainable.” And he said all that in one breathe.

AQNM stock is officially on alert. According to, Aquentium is a lock for gains.

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Even though there was no mention of New American energy as a subsidiary on the most recent SEC filings for Aqunetium, this is clue #3 that a run is coming.

About AQNM Stock

Aquentium is dedicated to bringing energy saving solutions and technologies to companies and countries throughout the world.

The company claims to be involved in waste-to-energy with Environmental Waste Management Inc., solar energy with Aquentium Solar, Inc., and water treatment, non-chemical “ozone” sanitation equipment, structural insulated building panels (SIPs), affordable housing, re-deployable / emergency housing (see here) and recycling. The business of Aquentium also includes an ongoing effort to acquire or invest in new technologies or businesses.

Note that none of the above listed subsidiaries were active during the period ending March 31, 2012.

Click here to check out the SEC filings for AQNM.

Bottom Line: Think daytrade with this penny stock until such time that the momentum begins to fade off on AQNM. There is a small float, just under 14 million shares, and not many front loaders since the share dump. However, the chances of the penny stock having a longer than one/two day rally are unlikely so adjust your stop loss accordingly during trading sessions if you buy AQNM stock.

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