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Just after the bell sounds stopped ringing for Monday’s open, alerts began circulating from AwesomePennyStocks on HST Global, Inc. (HSTC). The email looks right, the sender and reply-to all add up, but could the big boyz of penny stock alerts be breaking their own rules by issuing an alert on a sub-penny stock? HSTC stock closed Friday at 0.0094 and chances are that’s right around where it will be at lunch since its just another fake APS alert.

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HSTC Stock Chart

Market Cap: $345,167 a/o Aug 17, 2012
Shares Outstanding: 36,719,854 a/o Mar 31, 2012
Float: Not Available
Authorized Shares: 100,000,000

With their NT 10-Q filed on Tuesday last week, there is no way that this is the real deal and later today, the culprits who, once again, have scammed the scammers will be named for issuing:

We are pleased to announce our newest pick HSTC

We will be sending you extensive information about the company at a later date.

HSTC Global, Inc. is an integrated Health and Wellness Biotechnology company that is developing and/or acquiring a network of Wellness Centers worldwide with the primary focus on homeopathic and alternative treatments of late stage cancer and other life threatening diseases. In addition, the Company intends to acquire innovative products for the treatment of life threatening diseases.

We expect to be extensively covering this company for at least 30 days, but official coverage will begin on 8-24-2012. So in the meanwhile get your brokerage accounts in order. Our brokerage of choice is Etrade as we firmly stand against companies censoring our picks.

Put HSTC on your radars ladies and gentlemen and happy trading.

Happy Trading!
Your Awesome Penny Stocks Editor.

The idiots even used the old disclaimer from Centro Azteca S.A. (see here)

About HSTC Stock

HST Global, Inc., an integrated health and wellness company, engages in developing and/or acquiring a network of wellness centers worldwide. Its wellness centers focus on the immunotherapy and alternative treatment of late stage cancer.

Bottom Line: This damn sure can not be the penny stock pick everyone was hoping would bail them out from the hole VLNX dug. HSTC is 100,000% a fake APS alert and you best get out while you can if you fell for it.

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