Is Apptigo International (APPG) Done Flushing Shares?

With the expected collapse of the pumped for dumping penny stock of Apptigo International, Inc. (APPG) well underway, the new low set Wednesday at 0.54 brought in the bottom feeders who SCOREd after lunchtime. Shares of APPG stock have been getting annihilated from since their 1.89 high set just prior to the makers of “the ultimate interactive dating game” filed their 10Q on August 14 causing all of those newbies who bought in based on the $950,000 promotion that had Matt McCall, a frequent Fox, CNN and CNBC guest, calling it “The #1 Mobile App Tech Stock of 2014”. While the bounce could be nothing more than a dead-cat, a few other previously pumped tickers are all looking pretty good for Thursday.

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Market Cap: 17.90M
Last: 0.62 ▼ -0.074 (-10.66%)
Volume: 1,210,003
Dollar Volume: $
Open: 0.6775
High: 0.77
Low: 0.54
14-Day RSI: 27.40%
1st Resistance Point: 0.7467
1st Support Level: 0.5167
52Wk High: 1.89
52Wk Low: 0.54

Praxsyn Corporation (PAWS), a health care company dedicated to providing medical practitioners with medications and services for their patients, specifically through their transdermal creams using therapeutic and preventative agents for pain management, had their 3rd consecutive positive trading session as shares of reached 0.0778 on Wednesday with volume reaching 3,226,193. The Company, on August 19, reported revenues for the 3 and 6 months ended June 30, 2014 worth $23,242,709 and $32,462,272, respectively. As of August 19, there was 343,954,384 shares of PAWS stock outstanding.

AnythingIT, Inc. (ANYI), a provider of green technology solutions, managing the equipment disposition needs of the Federal government and commercial clients by buying, reselling, or recycling, in an environmentally and regulatory compliant manner, computers and other technology hardware, had one of their biggest volume sessions in more than a month thanks to ANYI being a heavily promoted ticker from Wednesday. Shares opened well below their previous day’s close on Tuesday, but recovered nicely during the session, reaching as high as 0.03. With $105,000 raised via 2 new convertible notes issued to Adar Bays, LLC and KBM Worldwide, Inc., the next major catalyst will be to see how much revenue was booked during their fiscal 4th quarter to add on to the $2,970,037 booked during the 9 months ended March 31, 2014.

GEI Global Energy Corp. (GEIG), a development stage company focused on the construction and sale of fuel cell auxiliary electric power generation systems for residential, commercial, military, and industrial electric applications, looks as if it might have finally found its bottom after collapsing from 0.05 just 1 month ago. Shares of GEIG stock had a magnificent afternoon on Wednesday after the ticker began to run shortly after 11:30AM to post intraday gains of up to 52%. With 142,932,653 shares of common stock issued and outstanding as of August 6, 2014, a continuance in this kind of volume could push the PPS back up above 0.005 and back onto the radar screens after a month long dump.

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About APPG Stock

Apptigo International, Inc. is a development stage media company focused on designing, developing and bringing to market mobile applications.

Click here to view the SEC filings for APPG.
Click here to view the website for Apptigo.

Authorized: 100,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 29,225,000

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Chg Volume
08/20/14 0.6775 0.7700 0.5400 0.6200 -0.0740 -10.66% 1,210,000
08/19/14 1.0150 1.0300 0.6500 0.6940 -0.3860 -35.74% 2,708,200
08/18/14 1.1250 1.1600 1.0400 1.0800 -0.0900 -7.69% 1,026,200
08/15/14 1.3550 1.3800 1.0500 1.1700 -0.2200 -15.83% 994,100
08/14/14 1.3500 1.4700 1.1500 1.3900 +0.0200 +1.46% 792,600


Bottom Line:

The penny stocks that have regained their composure this month have proven to be solid double-digit or better winners thus far. With the kids back in school and the afternoons still too hot to spend the day’s outside, trading is picking up and winners are continuing to count their chips while they’re still at the table.

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