SCORE Match Maker Boosts Apptigo International (APPG)

APPG Stock, Apptigo, Thomas E. Puzzo PLLCIncubated with the legal assistance of Thomas E. Puzzo, PLLC, the penny stock of Apptigo International, Inc. (APPG) is slowly creeping its way to a price level that is going to help seed shareholders of what was Balius Corp. SCORE when the promotional activity begins. Having successfully launched SCORE, an app the Company calls “the ultimate interactive dating game,” APPG stock has already surpassed the level where two investors got 800,000 shares at when the plan to buy young Irish Sport Horses, train them and resell them got shelved. With getting paid as important these days as getting laid, a close eye on this soon-to-be promoted ticker is essential for anyone who wants to score with

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Market Cap: 32.34M
Last: 1.12 ▲ +0.01 (+0.90%)
Volume: 200
Dollar Volume: $224
Open: 1.12
High: 1.12
Low: 1.12
Trades: 1
14-Day RSI: 35.52%
1st Resistance Point: N/A
1st Support Level: N/A
52Wk High: 1.50
52Wk Low: 0.85

Investing into a penny stock that’s main product is an app for horny individuals looking to SCORE seems ironic since it’s exactly what draws traders to the OTC markets and tickers which have connections to previous pump and dumps in one aspect or another. What was originally set up by Vitaliy Gladky, a Ukrainian thoroughbred horse breeder based in Ireland who worked as a trainer there and hoped to buy horses for €1,500 – €2,500 each, train them and flip them for €7,000 – €9,000 became, in April, 2014, the shell company David Oliver Steinberg and Casey Cordes would snag, drop in their SCORE match-maker app, split the stock 3.5-for-1, and get ready to hit it big.

The SCORE app is pretty cool if you’re willing to sit through over 600 “True or False” to “Have You Ever…” questions in 12 different categories while hoping to get matched up with someone that had similar answers to yours as if to make the perfect match. As cool or uncool as it may be, the last “app” focused penny stock promotion in recent history, Pingify International Inc. (PGFY), had a very similar looking website and share price prior to it’s launch which wound up getting strangled before suspension after the CFO outright admitted via a PR issued the deal was a hoax.

When the deal to bring Apptigo International to life went down on April 15, 2014, 2,450,000 pre-split shares were issued to Steinberg and another 2,450,000 to Cordes. After the 3.5-for-1 split, each owns 8,575,000 shares of APPG stock which are unlikely to make their way into the trading volume which is likely to come. What will hit the volume will be the 2,550,000 pre-split shares, 8,925,000 post split, Balius issued between May 29 and June 26, 2013 for total cash proceeds of $25,500 ($0.002857 per share).

Many traders might have seen the after-the-close alert updates that were issued Thursday from MaverickReport, aka OutOfTheBoxStocks, about how their scanners were working overtime to find another pick which will have impressive growth in the share price through the balance of 2014 and a massive spike if the flow of news releases remains this strong. Since they haven’t yet announced what their next close-to-$1 pick is, APPG stock fits enough criteria to warrant watching for some volume to hit it.

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About APPG Stock

Apptigo International, Inc. is a development stage media company focused on designing, developing and bringing to market mobile applications.

Click here to view the SEC filings for APPG.
Click here to view the website for Apptigo.

Authorized: 75,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 28,875,000

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Chg Volume
07/03/14 1.1200 1.1200 1.1200 1.1200 +0.0100 +0.90% 200
07/02/14 1.1100 1.1200 1.1100 1.1100 unch unch 7,000
07/01/14 1.1100 1.1100 1.1100 1.1100 unch unch 2,500
06/30/14 1.1100 1.1100 1.1100 1.1100 +0.0300 +2.78% 2,700
06/27/14 1.0500 1.0800 1.0500 1.0800 +0.0300 +2.86% 8,500


Bottom Line:

Seeing what happened to the last “app focused” The penny stock of that got pumped by a big promotion, PGFY stock, in and out as fast as a SCORE is the ticket for those looking to play APPG. With no real volume having hit APPG stock as of yet, they could drive those 0.002857 bought seed shares up a bit more before allowing the alert recipients of what is sure to be a summer promo buy them for more than 392X what they have into them.

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