Is Monster Offers (MONT) The Best Apps Company Ever?

The penny stock of newly formed Monster Offers Inc. (OTC: MONT), a leading Daily Deal analytics provider and aggregator, have yet to trade and already they’re hot. In April, Iconosys, Inc., a leading mobile Smartphone application developer of more than 2,000 Smartphone apps ranging from Child Safety, Travel, Entertainment & Life-Style, and Medicinal-Health, agreed to acquired the business operations and related assets of Monster Offers Inc.  According to the merger agreement, Iconosys will merge into Monster Offers, and the surviving company will be renamed “Iconosys, Inc.” Of all the new penny stocks we’ve uncovered thus far,there is no reason for MONT shares to not be the hottest apps based penny stock in the market.

Monster Offers and Iconosys  had 60 days, according to the April 17th announcement, to execute and deliver a definitive merger agreement. The most recent OTC update has MONT and Monster Offers as the trading data and it needs to be added to the penny stock prospect list immediately. (see here)

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MONT Share Structure

MONT stock price is currently quoted at $1.00. (see here) On April 26, 2012, Monster Offers issued Mr. Wayne Irving II 2.4 million unregistered restricted shares, 81.8% of the issued and outstanding MONT shares. Jeff Keller was issued 300,000 unregistered restricted shares, 10.2% of the issued and outstanding MONT shares. Paul Gain, Monster Offers President and Chairman, owns 49,000 shares, 1.7% of the issued and outstanding MONT shares.

Why this matters is because of who Wayne Irving II is. (see here) Irving is a co-founder of Iconosys and held the positions of Chairman and CEO. Not only that, he is an absolute rebel in the industry. The resume of company’s beyond Iconosys that Irving has built and run inspires the same amount of investor confidence in a penny stock as one would have for a blue chip that Warren Buffett just took over. The difference being Irving is all about smartphone apps these days to the tune of a portfolio of over 2,000 available apps including a list of confidential clients and a list of app development clients which includes, among others, Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. (NYSE: FDP).

As of May 18, 2012, the Company had 2,959,361 shares issued and outstanding of the 75 million authorized. The 2.7 million unregistered restricted shares represents roughly 92% ownership in the Company. Monster Offers was already generating enough revenues to nearly break even prior to the merger. For Q1, MONT reported revenues of $46,500 with total operating expenses of $36,455 which resulted in a net loss of $ 9,400. The merger with privately held Iconosys and their over 2,000 apps already in circulation should result in a tremendous increase in Q2 numbers and beyond.

About MONT Stock

Monster Offers is a daily deal aggregator, collecting daily deals from multiple sites in local communities across the U.S. and Canada. Focused on providing innovation and utility for Daily Deal consumers and providers, the company collects and publishes thousands of daily deals and allows consumers to organize these deals by geography or product categories, or to personalize the results using keyword search. The relationship with Iconosys dates back to May 16, 2011. Monster Offers entered into a Strategic Alliance and License Agreement with respect to the integration, use and commercialization of the two Company’s existing IP to create new and derivative IP to introduce to various markets.

Most recently, the Company solidified the launch of its “Monster Dealies” mobile apps by signing a a deal with iCoupon Online to be the inaugural sponsor. “Monster Dealies”, launched on May 11th, is 18 Smartphone apps in the nation’s top 18 Daily Deal markets (including Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle). According to an article published last summer, Inc. Magazine reported that websites offering Daily Deals were expected to generate $3 billion in revenues in 2011, and that, according to a BIA/Kelsey estimate, this revenue number is expected to reach $4 billion by 2015.

To view the SEC filings for MONT, click here. For more information on Monster Offers and Iconosys, visit:

Bottom Line: MONT is the best penny stock ever in respect to mobile apps, share structure, and management. Obviously, at this time, there is no public float due to the tightly held share structure. What traders should look out for is an email from us if and when trading activity begins. Otherwise, keep MONT stock on your list of penny stocks to watch and check the SEC filings regularly in search of a forward stock split or other share related financing.

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