Is There Enough Energy In WTWO Stock To Trade The Float?

Thirty-Two days ago, W2 Energy, Inc. (Pinksheets: WTWO) acquired 100% of Agri-Green Biodiesel, Inc. in exchange for the assumption Agri-Green’s corporate debt. WTWO stock price is currently below a penny at 0.0065 on volume which has no correlation to the actual float. W2 Energy, developers of renewable energy technologies,  said it was immediately shipping Agri-Green’s biodiesel plant processor to the W2 factory and have it operating within the next 30 days. That was 32 days ago. (see here)

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WTWO Stock Chart

Market Cap:
Shares Outstanding:  681.79M
Float:  681.79M

According to W2 Energy’s December 31, 2011 Financial Report, the public float for the Company consists of 681,787,426 shares of WTWO which are freely tradable. (see here)

Ten days before the recent acquisition of Agri-Green Biodiesel, the Company initiated a joint venture partnership with WH2 of Luxembourg for the manufacturing, sales and distribution of the Company’s line of products. The value of the agreement is estimated to be worth $4 million while an initial purchase order for $300,000 as Phase I of the purchase program was already given to W2 Energy. The initial purchase order calls for W2 to manufacture 5 of its  combustion powered rotary engines that will used to convert palm oil at several power plants in Germany. (see here)

W2 Energy has 6 basic market solutions where they apply their IP:

• Syngas Production: The Company’s NT Plasmatron converts any hydrocarbon feedstock into syngas, a combination of hydrogen (H2) and Carbon Monoxide (CO). Viable feedstocks include municipal solid waste, coal, natural gas, tires, sewage, animal waste and agricultural waste.
• Electricity Production: The Company’s SteamRay high-efficiency rotary engine converts either steam or syngas into electricity. The W2 Hydrokinetics Propeller converts river or offshore water flows into hydraulic pressure. The W2 Small Energy Generating System converts that hydraulic pressure into electricity.
• Liquid Fuel Production: The Company’s MultiFuel Gas-to-Liquid Reactor converts syngas into either Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel or an approximate 40/35/25 blend of ULSD, gasoline, and JP8 jet fuel. The W2 Butanol Reactor converts syngas into an approximate 60/30/10 blend of butanol, acetone and ethanol.
• Waste Remediation: W2 Energy technology eliminates the need for landfills and offers the opportunity to convert existing landfills into electricity, liquid fuel, plus sale-able and recoverable industrial byproducts such as landfill ash and powder sulfur.
• Carbon Gas and Pollution Sequestration: The Company’s SunFilter Algae Reactor sequesters carbon dioxide and other pollution gases and grows algae which feed on those gases and particulates. In situations where the algae feed on pure carbon dioxide (CO2), such as the carbon dioxide produced by theMultiFuel Reactor, the algae can be used to produce biodiesel, syngas, and human and animal food supplements. When feedstock gas has other components such as sulfur oxides, resulting algae can create biodiesel and syngas.
• Transportation: The Company’s Solar Bug Solar Electric vehicle runs on a combination of conventional and solarproduced electricity, eliminating the need to buy transportation fuels and using solar power as a free and renewable source of energy.

That’s a whole lot of whole lot for a company that has $64 in the bank as of December 31, 2011, nut over $1.7 million in net depreciable assets. The Solar Bug is actually pretty cool. According to Michael McLaren, CEO of W2 Energy, the company plans to release the Solar Bug by Q3 2012. It runs on a combination of conventional and solar-produced electricity. The Solar Bug has:

• Top Speed of  25mph
• 30 miles+ Range with Fully Charged Batteries
• Roof Mounted 200 watt Solar Panel (5-10 miles per day)
• Regenerative Braking
• 2 Person Capacity
• 6-12 volt AGM Drive Batteries
• Single Bank Battery Charger
• 4-6 hours recharge
• Hand Throttle Acceleration Control
• Finger tip control Lighting Controls
• Belt Driven
• Roll Bar Protection with Seat Belts
• Fiberglass Body
• Vehicle Weight of just over 1000 lbs.

About W2 Energy

W2 Energy Inc. develops renewable energy technologies and applies it to new generation power systems. Specifically, W2 Energy’s plasma assisted biomass to energy plants utilize state of the art technologies to produce green energy both fuel (sulfur free diesel) and electricity at the most efficient cost in capital investment and production per/barrel, per/Megawatt. W2 Energy Inc. has seasoned management, cutting edge technology and owns a large technology portfolio of patents and know-how that has been extensively validated and ready for commercial production.

For more information on W2 Energy, visit

Bottom Line: This sleeping penny stock could get a wake up call real soon and when it does – BOOYAA! Early investors willing to take a shot on this post and pick up some WTWO stock could be laughing to the bank on a heavy volume day. That said, even though there’s a ridiculous number of shares in the float, almost 682 million that we know of, can WTWO stock price go any lower really?

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