IZEA Stock Price Reaches Out To Be “Saved By The Bell”

On the one month anniversary of IZEA Inc.’s (OTC: IZEA) stock price being 0.70, they go out and grab Mario Lopez as a celebrity ambassador. The former cast member of “Saved by the Bell”, Mario Lopez will need more than his celebrity status and boyish good looks as the former host of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew to get IZEA stock price back up. IZEA closed Thursday at 0.10, down -85.71% from the May 14th high of 0.70. Hence, Ed Sim to the Rescue.

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IZEA Stock Chart One Month

After launching Staree last month which allows users to get paid for sharing photos and videos with friends through Facebook and Twitter, IZEA needs to do more than just Dance with the Stars. If the Company was to get some tips from Mario Lopez’ Knockout Fitness book, perhaps they can muscle up that share price with some revenues next quarter higher than those from Q1: $1,645,367.

Seriously though, IZEA stock price fell victim to the pump and dump whores of APS. On the 14th when IZEA stock was 0.70, everyone was shuffling around thinking the next stock to trade volume would be APS’ “new” pick until GWBU was actually confirmed the next day. The Company made a very smart move by appointing Ed Sim to their Board of Directors last week. (see here) Sim is a former director of:

• Answers Corporation (Nasdaq: ANSW),
• Greenplum (acquired by EMC, NYSE: EMC),
• GoToMyPC/GoToMeeting (acquired by Citrix, Nasdaq: CTXS),
• Moreover Technologies (acquired by Verisign, Nasdaq: VRSN),
• LivePerson (Nasdaq: LPSN),
• Gizmo5 (acquired by Google, Nasdaq: GOOG), and
• Flashbase (acquired by DoubleClick, Nasdaq: DCLK)

To view the SEC filings for IZEA, click here.

Bottom Line: If the resume of Ed Sim has any indication as to what you can expect from the penny stock of IZEA, you won’t get a Company that has the share structure and financial growth like this for a dime. IZEA’s Price/Sales ratio for the trailing twelve months is 0.89. Sales from 9 months ago are like basing the ration on sales from 9 years ago. Watch for their next 10-Q filing and, if you like what you see, pounce!

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