KRED | The Sweetness Of KonaRed Soon To Drip Its Shares

KREDThe sweet nectar of the Gods, the fruit which grows from the Coffea arabica plant, is already being juiced, put into a bottle and sold making the KonaRed Corporation (KRED) a required penny stock to imbibe. Yet to trade even 1 share and fresh off their 13.5-for-1 stock split, KRED stock could be the green ride needed to put a couple of presents under the Christmas Tree this holiday season. Incubated by Jody M. Walker as TeamUpSport Inc. (TUPS) back in August, 2011, The Hawaiian Superfruit, Paradise in a Bottle beverage is primed, tickered, and awaiting one significant event to occur; for TM to grab the first 10,000 share block and lead all others to the promised land.

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KRED Stock Quote

Market Cap: N/A
Last: N/A
Authorized: 877,500,000
Issued and Outstanding: 64,350,423
Shaun Roberts, aka Sandwich Isles Trading Co.: 42,750,000

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KonaRed is new to the OTC, but new it is not young jedi trader. Shaun Roberts, President, CEO and Director, Steven M. Schorr, Chief Scientific Officer and Director, Dana Roberts, CFO, Treasurer, Secretary and Director, and Gonzalo Camet, Director, have been hard at it getting the Company’s beverage line into the hands of consumers for well over a year already.

Firstly, the KonaRed product line consists of:

• 16 oz. KonaRed and KonaRed Lite Antioxidant Juice (2 servings) – the company’s flagship beverage, the 16 oz. superfruit drink has experienced widespread placement in cold juice coolers in a myriad of major establishments;
• 32 oz. KonaRed Antioxidant Juice (4 servings) – the 32 oz. is now being featured at a number of establishments in lieu of the standard 16 oz. (4-pack), augmenting the Company’s original products and selling at a volume discount price; and
• KonaRed Antioxidant Juice Cans (Single-Serve 12 oz.) – expanding their sphere in the grocery aisle or cooler, the Company’s new aluminum can-based product will be offered in sparkling and flat styles and at a lower price point

So with those 2 and a newly added 3rd, KonaRed managed to book $783,532 in sales for the 6 months ended June 30, 2013 versus $1,373,961 for the same 6 month period in 2012. Declining sales are an obvious sign from the numbers, but the Company notes that it was due to restructuring of capital for preparation of growth of sales. If it’s true that a lack of capital basically handcuffed the Sandwich Isles Trading Co. from investing in revenue building activities, then watch out for 2014 numbers cause they are about to open the flood gates of capital.

KonaRed made it’s mark on the Hawaiian and Californian communities by aggressive guerilla marketing tactics and effectively utilizing a high profile billboard campaign on major southern California freeways in Spring 2012. Along with 11 billboards, the Company’s products were prominently displayed on 75 high-traffic bus stop shelters, a tactic which they claim could be traced back to direct sales within the areas.

Along with a proper marketing team, KonaRed teamed up with the crowd which would buy their products by promoting ocean and extreme-athlete related contests, races and charity events. Successfully and within a very short period of time, KonaRed has been able to team up with some heavy hitting Hawaiian super-athletes they call the “Ambassador Team” and weaved the “KonaRed” brand into the collective consciousness of this trend-setting culture.

If you had board shorts t market like Quiksilver (ZQK), you would be dead in the water if you didn’t have 3 of the top 5 surfers on the pro-tour wearing your gear. Ironically, Quiksilver sales have been monumental in recent quarters and ZQK stock has jumped more than 200% since we alerted on it last summer.

As for KRED stock, which has yet to trade its first share, optimism is surrounding this fresh ticker like a bunch of fat kids around a bowl of chocolate pudding. Although the 64.35 million shares issued and outstanding was the number at the time of the 13.5-for-1 stock split, some additional shares of KRED stock have been issued in the past few weeks.

October 4, Littlebird Capital Ltd. got hold of 1,777,778 shares at $0.45 after doing a deal worth $800,000. Also at $0.45 per share, a secured convertible promissory note which was handed off to Littlebird from Maxam Capital Management Ltd. worth $500,000 was converted into 1,111,111 shares of KRED stock.

Furthermore, 2,888,888 shares were issued to 1 lucky non-U.S. person in offshore transactions, aka pre-paid promotional payment provided proper planned pumping perhaps prevents piss poor profiting.

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About KRED Stock

KonaRed Corporation, a development stage company focused on distributing, marketing and selling for retail sale their health beverage, KonaRed Antioxidant Juice, a premium coffee fruit wellness drink.

Click here to view the SEC filings for KRED.
Click here to view the website for Kona Red.

Bottom Line:

The day is coming for KRED and it won’t be long after the first few trades that it lists on the top 10 penny stocks traded. Knowing that TM is rarely ever, ever wrong when it comes to jumping in with 2 feet for a ride, KRED stock is a must watch for those first shares to change hands, knowing that you ain’t getting none of it for anything less than $0.45.

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