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LGMH Stock, LGMH Stock Quote, Sino Agro Foods Inc.,OTC SIAF, Webxu Inc.,If you are one who believes in subliminal messages or superstitions, then today is one day you won’t be the but end of any joke by grabbing any of the April Fool’s Day penny stock alerts. Coming off of a 3 day weekend, and it being a Monday of all days, the trading activity is set to explode on each and every penny stock alert issued except for those who have learned there is nothing Xtreme about Sino Agro Foods, Inc. (OTC: SIAF). While Webxu, Inc. (OTC: WBXU) looks like it opened up a door for an Awesome entry point and Global Security Agency Inc (OTC: GSAG) is gonna be looking like Grandma’s SAGgy boobs by midday, Light Media Holdings, Inc. (OTC: LGMH) looks to be the only pre-market guarantee to gap-open big enough to look good at the end of the day.

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Market Cap: 470.76K
Last: 0.0123  0.0003 (2.50%)
Volume: 313,900
52Wk High: 0.30 (-95.90%)
52Wk Low: 0.005 (+146.00%)
Authorized: 100,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 42,762,500
Float: 11,562,495
14-Day Rel Strength: 46.51%
14-Day Stochastic: 11.50%

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Neon colors made a comeback in the fashion world so why can’t copycats to M.C. Hammer’s 80’s “Pray” be the inspirational theme which drives revenues for Light Media Holdings Inc? Whatever it is that inspires the recording studios to put some dope pope loving lyrics on wax, LGMH stock ain’t gonna see no sunshine when the pump is gone, despite having booked $14,306 in revenues for the three months ended December 31, 2012 versus $17,837 for the prior fiscal.

The chart lies not when it shows that there has been no followers drinking the Koolaid in the church of LGMH stock, at least not a following big enough to hand over their mandatory tithing to create some regular volume. The same can not be said for range-bound SIAF stock which represents a ridiculously strong Chinese company in an sector growing day by day – food supply. GSAG stock, ont he other hand, has been pumped more times than water has been turned into wine while WBXU stock has already established that it is a dripping red host falling from its pinnacle of 0.50 at the beginning of March.

The last update from the Inspirational Media Specialist, Light Media Holdings was over a month ago when their newly developed and released ‘Christian Hip Hop’ app available on iTunes and Android App Stores went global. The Christian Hip Hop/Holy Hip Hop App allowed for downloaders to have 24/7 access to inspirational urban music that inspires, enlightens and uplifts the heart, mind, body and soul without dependence or reliance on multimedia mega-conglomerates.

Get that booty shaking woman off the stage,
Put some clothes on her – she funa catch the plague,
Learn that sinner how to convert her bump and grind,
Now get on dem knees and peace that corrupt mind,
Yo Yo Yo

While the month ago report stated that, within hours of being approved for the iTunes App store distribution, over 100 consumers downloaded the Christian Hip Hop App in countries across the globe. What they failed to inform today’s traders is how many of those 100 removed the app within 1 hour of having it installed.

Of yeah, LGMH stock didn’t trade one share off of that spectacular news announcement from February 26. Maybe the angles will sing down green gains onto it today since its inspirationally on the pump.

About LGMH Stock

Light Media Holdings, Inc. provides advertising and media content products and services through audio, video, print, and Internet advertising in the U.S.

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Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
03/28/13 0.0123 +0.0003 +2.50% 313,900
03/27/13 0.0120 +0.0001 +0.84% 9,000
03/19/13 0.0119 -0.0036 -23.23% 230,400
03/14/13 0.0155 +0.0030 +24.00% 20,900
03/11/13 0.0125 +0.0025 +25.00% 62,900


Bottom Line: It’s hard to decipher if the penny stock alerts issued pre-market are April Fools jokes or real alerts.  Then again, isn’t every day on the OTC kinda of a Fool’s Day in its own right. That said, of the 4, LGMH would be the play to follow for the best chance at some gains rather than SIAF (which pays a cash dividend), GSAG and WBXU. LGMH stock will gap open like the parting of the Red Sea while WBXU stock and GSAG stock will churn trades for a short period before turning those skies grey and sagging off their gap. The wonder pick will be SIAF stock will be the long-term play for Xtreme if, and only if, it keeps going up.

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