Longs Of Be Active Holdings (JALA) Be Up Over 1,000%

JALAIf the OTC Markets issued an award for comeback penny stock this early in the year, a prime candidate to win it would be Be Active Holdings, Inc. (JALA), assuming all the marijuana tickers were disqualified for PED’s. The Greek yogurt gurus have spent much of the last 12 months repackaging their frozen yogurt product, low fat sandwiches, bars and pints, all designed to appeal to the health conscious or weight conscious consumer. The long wait is slowly paying back dividends for patient shareholders who grabbed a spoonful of JALA stock at the end of 2013 thanks to their recent agreement with C&S Wholesale Grocers.

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Market Cap: 15.02M
Last: 0.17 ▲ +0.01 (+6.25%)
Volume: 2,148,432
Dollar Volume: $381,910
Open: 0.16
High: 0.191
Low: 0.1302
Trades: 264
Authorized: 525,000,000*
Issued and Outstanding: 188,399,719
14-Day Rel Strength: 68.95%
1st Resistance Point: 0.1973
1st Support Level: 0.1365
* Submitted For Approval

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Be Active Holdings has spent the better part of 12 months restructuring their approach to how best get the best bank for their Greek yogurt concoctions. The move was a necessary one since their former design featured what Founder and President Sam Pugliese had already made a fortune on – the skinny cow. You see Sam is the former Founder and President of Skinny Cow ice cream brand which was sold to Nestle for $76 million.

Due to a flurry of reasons besides the redesigning and repackaging of their products, Be Active Holdings took a big hit on their top line numbers during 2013, booking net sales of just $34,818 and $127,854, respectively, for the 3 and 9 months ended September 30, 2013 versus $233,975 and $962,555 for the same respective periods in 2012. With the news out that they now have an approved vendor number and access to all C&S warehouse locations in the continental U.S., those numbers should improve significantly throughout 2014 and beyond.

Yesterday, shares of JALA stock tested the 52 week high of 0.21 which was set exactly 11 months ago. Amazing since it fluttered in between .015 and .025 for almost all of last summer.

Although some fear that the recent filing which more than doubles the issued and outstanding shares of JALA stock could be detrimental to the run its been on, the investors from all of the 2013 private placements are unlikely to disturb the momentum, but rather prepare to see some even bigger returns.

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About JALA Stock

Be Active Holdings, Inc. is a development stage company that manufactures and sells low fat, low calorie, all natural probiotic enriched frozen yogurt and ice cream under the trade name “Jala” and we have trademarked our Jala cow logo.

Click here to view the SEC filings for JALA.
Click here to view the website for Be Active Brands.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
02/12/14 0.1600 0.1910 0.1302 0.1700 +0.0100 +6.25% 2,148,432
02/11/14 0.1855 0.1870 0.1570 0.1600 -0.0280 -14.89% 372,900
02/10/14 0.1550 0.1880 0.1500 0.1880 +0.0230 +13.94% 796,200
02/07/14 0.1750 0.1750 0.1500 0.1650 +0.0115 +7.49% 91,900
02/06/14 0.1600 0.1700 0.1530 0.1535 -0.0065 -4.06% 348,200


Bottom Line:

Summertime is supposed to be when frozen treats are at the peak of their popularity with Winter being the flip-side of the trend. JALA has defied the trend after shares of the penny stock were at their lowest point when it was hot outside and are now heating up when half of the N.E. is stuck indoors. Call it a pattern or not, JALA stock being up 2,733% since their lowest low set back on August 12, 2013 is one heck of a comeback story.

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