Monarch America (BTFL) Looks To CANK It In 2015

Monarch AmericaNow that Cannabis Kinetics Corp. (CANK) has officially changed their name and ticker symbol to Monarch America Inc. (BTFL) after sneaking in a 3 for 1 split just before Christmas, the promotion watch for when alerts go out is on. Linked to one of the better promoters on the OTC when calls began to go out in early October, the Company designed to make money from their proprietary line of food and beverage, personal care, soil amendment, and marijuana cultivation and personal use accessory products has already been making money for traders who bought shares when it was still CANK stock.

With hardcore traders awaiting the launch of the BTFL stock promotion, those unfamiliar with just how good Brighton Markets is at running a ticker upwards, buckle up if you’re already in and prepare for a wild start to 2015.

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BTFL Stock Quote $ 0.49 ▲0.04 (8.89%)

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Chg Volume
12/29/14 0.4300 0.4800 0.4300 0.4800 +0.0300 +6.67% 59,400
12/26/14 0.4500 0.5500 0.4000 0.4500 +0.0200 +4.65% 55,600
12/24/14 0.6500 0.6500 0.4200 0.4300 +0.0100 +2.38% 33,900
12/23/14 0.5900 0.5900 0.3740 0.4200 +0.0800 +23.53% 312,000
12/22/14 0.3433 0.3583 0.3333 0.3400 +0.0067 +2.00% 194,700
BTFL Behind The Scenes

When Lingas Resources Inc. changed their name to Cannabis Kinetics Corp. in May, 2014, the amazing runs that any ticker associated with marijuana had already fizzled out. In an effort to make their CANK look more attractive, the Company effectuated a 1 for 10 split less than a year after effectuating a 5.8 for 1 split. The splits and changes in operations would also help to mask the initial 50,000,000 shares that Lingas Resources’ two officers/directors, John Catagan Ngitew (30,000,000), CEO, president, and director, and Grace Evangelista Parinas (20,000,000), CFO, secretary, treasurer, and director, both from the Philippines, were initially issued.

John Ngitew and Grace Parinas put 25,000,000 of their shares up for sale in the S-1 (filed with the legal assistance of W. Scott Lawler) to an unnamed group of seed shareholders at $.002/share. Those shares became the 145,000,000 free trading shares after the 5.8 for 1 forward split and now had an adjusted cost basis of $.0003 per share.

Lawler has linkages to some big name OTC promotions like:

  • American Graphite Technologies Inc. (AGIN);
  • Oryon Technologies Inc. (ORYN);
  • Portage Resources, Inc. (POTG);
  • Octagon 88 Resources Inc. (OCTX); and
  • Pepper Rock Resources Corp. (PEPR)

BTFL Stock ChartWith the name change to Cannabis Kinetics, in came Eric Hagen, Jonathan Hunt and Steven Brandt after the group paid Ngitew and Parinas $21,750 for their collective 145,000,000 shares. Managed by a marketing/advertising guy, an electrician and a heating/air guy, there was too much CANK stock out there (145,000,000 shares) so a 1 for 10 reverse split in May made it almost appear that the time for the promotion to commence was nearing.

Then came summer, 2014 where nearly all pot stocks (and almost every other OTC stock for that matter) were shunned by investors who would rather go big board or sub penny. Even when the summer ended, promoting a marijuana stock like CANK would have been a complete waste of resources considering the lack of attention penny stock alerts were receiving and the insanely hot NASDAQ and NYSE.

That all changed mid-November when Cannabis Kinetics Corp. agreed to lend $30,000 to The Big Tomato, a Colorado corporation that the Company had been trying to acquire for a few months already. Shares of CANK stock dropped to $0.20 (post split adjusted) shortly after, but began a steady rise from that for nearly 3 weeks having had announcements hit the news wires about the name change to Monarch America Inc. and 3-for-1 forward split.

The Big Tomato is the meat and potatoes of what Monarch America plans to do in the marijuana industry. The Aurora, CO based company has all the required materials for growing indoors, as well as tips on how to feed your plants properly and clone them for better generations in the future.

Monarch America later announced a $1.5 million financing deal from HBH Industries Inc. which is obviously the directors of the Company since Eric Hagen is listed as President on the Promissory Note. The announcement stated they drew down $150,000, but the signed note shows only $60,000 according to the SEC filing.

They’re going to need a lot more than just the $60,000 considering that (from 10-Q):

On July 27, 2014, the Company entered into a Professional Relations and Consulting Agreement for consulting services effective on July 29, 2014 and ending on July 29, 2015. For the first 6 month period, the Company agreed to pay $12,500 per month and issue $150,000 worth of restricted common stock of the Company, determined by dividing $150,000 by the closing share price on the day preceding the execution of the agreement. For the remaining 6 month period, the Company agreed to pay $12,500 per month and issue $150,000 worth of restricted common stock of the Company, determined by dividing $150,000 by the average closing share price for the 5 trading days preceding January 15, 2015. During the nine months ended August 31, 2014, the Company recognized consulting fees of $12,584 for the consultant, representing a cash payment of $12,500 and the fair value of the shares issuable of $84. At August 31, 2014, the Company has not issued any shares pursuant to the agreement.

Dollars for donuts, the move to BTFL from CANK and the 3 for 1 forward split is as much an indicator of an upcoming promotion as it was when the group brought in David Lubin as their attorney. Having been linked to big promotions in the past, it’s now simply a waiting game to see if Brighton Markets picks up where they left off when the call centers were pitching CANK or if the new BTFL stock gets pushed around the circuit. Either way, the volume pick up to over 500,000 will be a great opportunity for those now $0.0001 seed shares to make those unnamed investors a boat load of money.

If Brighton markets does pick up where they left off, hopes of a Independence Energy Corp. (IDNG), Punchline Resources Ltd. (PUNL) (now Northern Minerals & Exploration Ltd. (NMEX)), Green Innovations Ltd. (GNIN) or iTalk Inc. (TALK) run can occur. All four of these tickers were not only promoted by Brighton Markets and gained more than 100% from when they began, but are all trading at below 0.02 now.

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About BTFL Stock

Monarch America Inc., fka Cannabis Kinetics Corp. (CANK), is a development stage company focused on various opportunities in the recreational and medical marijuana industry.

Click here to view the SEC filings for BTFL.
Click here to view the website for Monarch America Inc.

Authorized: 2,610,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 93,804,618

Bottom Line:

Re-branding CANK as BTFL doesn’t appear to be the biggest factor that would make this one of the hottest penny stocks heading into 2015. It will be interesting to see when the BTFL stock promotion kicks off, but until then, the mini-volume is providing for ample opportunities thus far to turn a couple hundred bucks into twice that amount.

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