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Using the most powerful, effective tool on the OTC markets, the subpenny stock of Solanbridge Group, Inc. (SLNX) saw a massive amount of money thrown its way after announcing plans to enter into to the medical marijuana industry. Shares of SLNX stock had been as appetizing as the meals their subsidiary David’s Steak and Seafood, in Melbourne Beach, Florida serve up until yesterday when plans to pursue a commercial grower’s license in Province of Nova Scotia were publicly verified. Although the cancellation of up to 1.5 billion common stock shares over the next few months is pretty much meaningless since 2 billion belong to CEO, David M. Green, this was just one of the tickers that was served on a sizzling hot plate Thursday for traders to feast on.

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Market Cap:
Last: 0.0045 ▲ +0.0029 (+181.25%)
Volume: 467,948,686
Dollar Volume: $2,019,522
Open: 0.0018
High: 0.0063
Low: 0.0018
Trades: 1,903
14-Day Rel Strength: 89.55%
1st Resistance Point: 0.0066
1st Support Level: 0.0021
52Wk High: 0.0063
52Wk Low: 0.0002

In other related marijuana stock news…

Lingas Ventures, Inc. (LGSR), a thinly traded fully reporting company, affirmed their intentions to effectuate a 1-for-10 reverse split and change their name to Cannabis Kinetics Corp. to better describe their projected business activities. Managed by Eric Hagen, President and CEO, Jonathan Hunt, Vice President and Secretary, and Steven Brandt, Vice President and Treasurer, respectively a sales director at Classified Verticals, an electrician for the IBEW and operator of The Cooler Company, a company which supplies and installs HVAC equipment in residential and commercial properties, are currently negotiating a license agreement to utilize recipes and know-how to formulate marijuana infused beverage products.

With Hagan, Hunt and Brandt having respectively purchased 49,000,000, 48,000,000 and 48,000,000 shares of LGSR stock in consideration for an aggregate of $21,750, the 1-for-10 split due to occur on or about May 15, 2014 will leave Cannabis Kinetics Corp. with just 29,005,701 shares issued and outstanding, 50.01% which will be controlled by H.H.& B. At 0.30 a share currently, the reverse split would make LGSR stock (or whatever ticker symbol it may be changed to) priced at around $3 even though the 2,610,000,000 authorized shares will remain unchanged.

Madison Explorations Inc. (MDEX) is another “under the radar” newly dedicated marijuana stock that not many traders have taken action on as of yet. On Tuesday, the mineral exploration company filed an 8-K summarizing their LOI agreement with Brent Inzer for the acquisition of all of the rights, title and interest in a cannabis delivery technology known as CannaStrips.

Fresh off their 10-K filing which states Joseph Gallo, sole director, and Steven Cozine as beneficial owners of 30,885,000 shares and 33,385,000 shares of MDEX stock, respectively, the deal with Inzer would call for 5,000,000 restricted shares to be issued bringing to the total issued and outstanding up to 118,020,000. Having checked out what CannaStrips is all about, the launching of their products which bring patients Medical Cannabis in the form of a sub-lingual strip that quickly dissolves under the tongue delivering pure cannabis to the patient without the negative effects of smoking could make for a very interesting play on MDEX stock which is up 600% since last Friday.

Lastly, in case the dumpage from week one scared you away from watching, Cannabis-Rx Inc. (CANA) has done what was thought to be impossible – close green 3 days in a row. Shares of CANA stock are slowly returning to levels where most traders bought in thinking the dump was done and the pump was being turned on. Despite the lack of interest in the biggest weed campaign reported since the start of the year, rumors of hard mailers due to begin hitting mailboxes this weekend is creating enough interest to actually make CANA look less horrible than it did last week.

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About SLNX Stock

Solanbridge Group, Inc. is a development stage, diversified holding company looking to expand into the medical marijuana industry by developing a commercial grower’s license in the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada. Currently, the company operates through their subsidiary, David’s Steak and Seafood, a classic, upscale steak house located in Melbourne, FL.

Click here to view the filings for SLNX.
Click here to view the website for Solanbridge Group.

Authorized: 4,900,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 2,448,576,746

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
04/24/14 0.0018 0.0063 0.0018 0.0045 +0.0029 +181.25% 467,948,625
04/23/14 0.0008 0.0016 0.0007 0.0016 +0.0007 +77.78% 56,601,496
04/22/14 0.0009 0.0009 0.0007 0.0009 -0.0001 -10.00% 52,203,402
04/21/14 0.0010 0.0012 0.0010 0.0010 unch unch 26,347,500
04/17/14 0.0012 0.0012 0.0010 0.0010 -0.0002 -16.67% 11,989,000


Bottom Line:

Cannabis penny stocks are still shaking their money maker and putting up the goods for those who have their crystal ball next to their bong and trading screens. Growlife Inc. (PHOT) comes off suspension tomorrow which, although only a few traders will be able to access the grey markets with their brokers, is sure to bang in some huge profits for those that can get in PHOT stock early.

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