Money MatchMaker: Rarus’ RARS Stock and Zngle Going Live

Shares in penny stock of Rarus Technologies Inc. (OTC: RARS) are beginning show some suspicious activity which should warrant attention from traders. They haven’t jumped in price, but they haven’t dropped either and volume is increasing. RARS stock undoubtedly took all penny stock traders by surprise when the shares were dumped onto the market in early May. The scene was a mirror image to how Sunpeaks Ventures (OTC: SNPK) stock began. Yet RARS went quiet…. until now.

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RARS Stock Chart

Market Cap: 28.69M

Share Structure:
a/o May 09, 2012
Shares Outstanding: 434.75M
Float: 100M
Authorized Shares: 750M

In May, 2012, Rarus Technologies incorporated Zngle as the primary subsidiary and operations base for the licensed internet platform. is designed be a centralized Internet portal and next-generation social media website that incorporates voice/text messaging, video email, and mobile technologies to allow consumers to access real-time information about various products and services through augmented proximity reality search features.

Well, what’s changed is is now live as subscribers began receiving messages like this on Friday:

Your profile was reviewed and activated!

Simply follow the link below to enjoy our services:

Your identification number (ID):xxxxxxxxx

More so, Zngle is actually pretty cool.  So, now that Zngle is live will RARS stock start to climb now? What most likely will happen is you will see a press release come out about Zngle this week as early as Monday. That will be the starting point now that all the front loaders are out when everyone was scattering.

Bottom Line: RARS stock is a must add to the list of penny stocks to watch and is most likely going to be the most actively traded of the OTC penny stocks at least two days this week. If you got in already or are thinking about it, the PPS on RARS can’t drop much more and wouldn’t considering Zngle is live now. Strap on the boots and polish that belt buckle cause its time for the Zngle Rodeo to begin.

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