Most Active Pinksheets Penny Stocks: HBRM and LXES

The penny stock of Herborium Group Inc. (Pink Sheets: HBRM) responded positively on the heals of the 100 million shares buyback announcement. HBRM, a Botanical Therapeutics company, had a HOD of 0.0118 before closing at 0.0102, up 41.67% on volume of 165.25 million. According to Herborium Group, the Board authorized HBRM to buy back up to 100 million of its pinksheets penny stock in the open market. Herborium Group attempt to increase the HBRM stock value to their shareholders and tighten up their free trading float could be something to watch. HBRM is currently -75.71% below its 52 week high from February, 0.042.

Contrary to the success HBRM displayed, Lexington Energy Services Inc. (Pinkshets: LXES) had the misfortune of using an overspammed service to help make the public aware of their agreement signed on April 19, 2012 with Maria Ines Moraga Latapiat of Santiago, Chile. LXES now has  an exclusive option to acquire 100% interest in a  Minor Maritime Concession. LXES closed at 0.36, down -60% from the HOD of 9 cents, down -70% from the February 52 week high. Note to self: Penny stock alerts from newsletters that send out different picks every day are probably not going to trade well.

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Top 5 Most Active Pinksheets Penny Stocks

Symbol Close Pct Chg $ Volume Volume Trades
HBRM 0.0102 +41.67% 1,694,730 165,251,757 1,603
LXES 0.036 -49.30% 279,277 5,350,055 381
HHII 0.082 -6.82% 393,503 4,217,291 375
KMAG 0.0204 +17.24% 452,794 23,428,575 368
ITNS 0.039 +14.71% 183,156 4,232,572 321

Home Health International (Pinksheets: HHII) just continued to suck even after making it known to all that the baby boomers growing trend of personal fitness and wellness could be a sector HHII could add to its portfolio of home care services. Shares in the penny stock closed at 0.082, down -18% from the HOD , 0.10, continuing its YTD pps trend. There might be over $7 trillion that baby boomers possess and they may in fact spend more on health care than their parents did, but the penny stock, HHII, has dropped -25.45% in the last 5 days, -93.17% YTD.

KMA Global Solutions International Inc. (Pinksheets: KMAG) is just one of those penny stocks that day trading was made for. I can think of only 2 others that offer the consistent volume and BETA volatility that KMAG does which makes this one of those stocks to watch and have on your list of penny stocks for day trading ideas. You can’t dump a ton of money into KMAG for day trades but a couple hundred in profits on the right momentum adds up over time.

And closing out the list of the top 5 most active pinkcsheets penny stocks is Itonis Inc. (Pinksheets: ITNS) who introduced a new website on Friday for its subsidiary, Paramount Discoveries. Shares in ITNS had 26.76% gains at the HOD before closing at 0.039. With a 52 week range of .09 to .015, ITNS offers some opportunities to catch a run and day trade the momentum.

Bottom Line: All 5 of these pinksheets penny stocks can be added to the list of stocks to watch for day trade setups. Although there isn’t a large amount that can be traded on them due to their low pps, all but LXES offers a chance to skim off a tenth or twentieth of a point daily which could offer a good opportunity to find a swing trade setup to go back and hit regularly once you establish the pattern.


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