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MSLP Stock, OTC:MSLP, MusclePharm, Muscle Pharm, OTC MSLP, Dr. Philip FrostLong and strong, through good times and bad, we have been major believers in both MusclePharm Corp. (OTC: MSLP) the Company and the path which they are on. In our last update after the makers of products only persons who attack life to squeeze every single opportunity out of it know of and use reverse split their stock, 850-for-1, shares of MSLP have finally exploded. Setting and meeting all-time records in volume since billionaire investor, Dr. Phillip Frost, stepped in to take a huge stake in the Company, traders have seen the light, even those who had issues with corporate spending philosophies, failing to understand that it takes money to make money.

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Market Cap: 23.20M
Last: 7.80  1.50 (23.81%)
Volume: 88,512
Dollar Volume: $646,992
Open: 6.40
High: 7.90
Low: 6.40
Trades: 166
Authorized: 100,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 2,974,135
14-Day Rel Strength: 77.79%
14-Day Stochastic: 97.49%

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Before going into the rest of this, if anyone else saw the message board post on iHub that had someone stating “I only have 5 shares now after the reverse split,” you can see what type of “serious investor” was involved in MSLP prior to  December, 2012.

All throughout 2012, we were extremely confident in the long term status of MusclePharm the Company as well as MSLP the stock. In March of last year, our bullishness paid off as share prices skyrocketed 525% over the course of two weeks. Sales were exploding and dilution had not yet begun.

Soon after, share prices dipped and slid for the remainder of 2012 as restatements of previous financial statements and the returning of share-based compensation from corporate insiders, including CEO and founder, Brad Pyatt, created a panic. Financing deals and convertible note payments began to mask the fact that sales of MusclePharm products were exploding and new athletes were signing deals with the Company for products they already used and preached about.

“You see the stock price, we see the Company!”

After starting to formulating their nutritional supplements for consumption by active individuals, high performance athletes and fitness enthusiasts just 4 years ago, MuscleParm’s Assault™, Combat Powder™, MusclePharm Musclegel®, MusclePharm Shred Matrix®, and Re-Con® are available in over 10,500 U.S. retail outlets, over 100 online channels, and sold in over 110 countries. What do you expect this Company to do, remain a sub penny stock on the OTC?

Just look at this here alone: Net Sales for the nine months ended September 30, 2012 came in at $50,563,746 compared to $10,875,249 for the same period in 2011. Net sales for the entire 2010 were only $3,202,687. If you don’t see some extreme growth and pressure for MSLP to get off the OTC and on to an exchange where real value traders can go long, you need to see an optometrist.

We gave a big thumbs up in December to the reverse stock split as it was a clear indication as to where the future of MSLP stock is headed towards — uplisting. With last week’s announcement of Dr. Philip Frost stepping in to take a large chunk of Preferred stock, not the ones that have voting control of the Company, trading of MSLP stock has not only been bullish, but has set an all-time record for volume, pre-split or post-split.

Naysayers, whether they be plumbers or chiropractors, are always going to circle the wagons when it comes to how a Company is being run and the methodology behind financing, corporate spending, and voting rights of every stock. Actually, I learned a long time ago there are only two people in the world who know exactly where any stock, including MSLP, is headed. They both live in Switzerland (across the street form each other actually) and they have opposite opinions on every thing.

MusclePharm Corp. is not your every day Company that tried to create something and be a part of a marketplace for a fraction of it. This Company went into this like you do the gym:

“Leave it all on the floor!”

By thinking big or going home, the guys at MusclePharm, Brad Pyatt, Cory Gregory, and Jeremy Deluca have incubated a new standard in the fitness world which any drive-thru VIP or lazy-boy owner will have issues with understanding and getting their heads around.

MSLP stock is, was, and will be a great value stock to invest in for those who have the risk appetite for retail companies. What is their ceiling? Look around at all the fat people you see and get them in the gym — that’s their ceiling.

About MSLP Stock

MusclePharm Corporation develops, markets and sells athlete-focused, high quality nutritional supplements, formulated to enhance active fitness regimens, including muscle building, weight loss and maintaining general fitness, primarily to specialty resellers. Click here to view the SEC filings for MSLP.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
02/04/13 7.8000 +1.5000 +23.81% 88,500
02/01/13 6.3000 +0.8000 +14.55% 60,800
01/31/13 5.5000 +0.1500 +2.80% 36,800
01/30/13 5.3500 -0.3000 -5.31% 90,400
01/29/13 5.6500 +0.0500 +0.89% 196,400


Bottom Line: MSLP has been on fire for the last few trading sessions and is no longer considered by SEC standards to be a penny stock. If you have shares in MSLP stock, big props go out to you as the soon to be issued 10-K for a $7-$8 stock with just 3 million shares OS will have some ridiculous ratios which could draw in some big money, thus driving up the share price which is still nearly $2 under the 200 day moving average.

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