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NRBT Stock, OTC NRBT, NRBT.PK, NRBT.OB, Novus Robotics Inc.,Secret, Secret, the penny stock of Novus Robotics, Inc. (NRBT) has a secret it’s been hiding under under its skin: It’s the old Ecoland International, Inc. (ECIT). Remember when ECIT stock went ape poop and 10 bagged it in January of 2012 from 0.11 to $1.35 without blinking an eye? Well NRBT stock just did it in the course of a week and didn’t even have to issue news about Cadillac or custom-built, advanced water treatment systems to be sold through their wholly owned subsidiary, D&R Technology. Instead, they said absolutely nothing as they went from 0.025 on Friday last week to as high as 0.23 so far today.

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Market Cap: 19.95M
Last: 0.23 ▲ +0.075 (+48.39%)
Volume: 1,631,491
Dollar Volume: $336,034
Open: 0.20
High: 0.23
Low: 0.165
Trades: 255
Authorized: 500,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 88,650,000
14-Day Rel Strength: 90.10%
14-Day Stochastic: 97.71%

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With current assets of just $3,055 when the then Ecoland International acquired D&R Technology, the now Novus Robitics has, as of March 31, 2013, grown its total assets to $1,883,230, $607,525 of which was cash in the bank. Sales had fallen off in Q1 compared to the same period the year before, $377,694 versus $1,624,481, respectively, but with some bullish chatter Sirius XM, NRBT stock has been on fire for the last week.

Back in early 2012, prior to the acquisition of D&R Technology, ECIT stock had a similarish run, jumping off of news of making parts for the new Cadillac ATS last year in January. Now, emerging as one of the world’s leading providers of automated manufacturing solutions, 3 of the top 10 automotive part suppliers in the world are supposedly using Novus Robotics’ automated tube processing solutions.

Even more bullish than that: Novus was nearly a positive net income reporter for Q1, missing the bar by just $11,906 after factoring in the loss of ($3,599) from foreign exchange adjustment.

So what’s got into NRBT stock to throw it up so high so fast? Well, no news is out to demand any attention other than what’s being said on certain Sirius XM shows. But what we do know is that ECIT was a major player in the circuit pump arena back in early 2012 and there is reason to believe that NRBT stock will soon follow in its footsteps. It just needs to get a bit higher so it can dump on new traders like ECIT did when it hit $1.35.

Note that ECIT ran like a banshee when the Company announced a deal with Johnson Controls Inc. to supposedly produce seat components for the all-new compact luxury sports sedan, Cadillac ATS. The deal was ultimately a fake and ECIT stock crumbled.

About NRBT Stock

Novus Robotics Inc., formerly known as Ecoland International Inc. (ECIT), went from originally a company focused on selling Dry-Bar Cave bat guano to now being an engineering, designer and manufacturer of automated tube processing solutions for the automotive industry.

Click here to view the SEC filings for NRBT.
Click here to view the website for D&R Technology.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
07/18/13 0.1550 +0.0735 +90.18% 1,601,000
07/17/13 0.0815 +0.0115 +16.43% 1,155,700
07/16/13 0.0700 +0.0250 +55.56% 670,600
07/15/13 0.0450 +0.0161 +55.71% 201,900
07/12/13 0.0289 +0.0029 +11.15% 50,100

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Bottom Line:

The run NRBT stock has been on is likely to scare away many traders who remember the dumpage ECIT provided after hitting $1.35 from 0.11. Nevertheless, NRBT is one of the best penny stocks in today’s market and could wind up one of the top 10 penny stocks traded at the end of the day. News should begin to flow from Novus here shortly to back up the recent run, but, in the meantime, grab that old Styx cassette tape out and thank Mr. Roboto a few times if you owned shares at under 0.05.

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