NRTI | Inergetics Turns Around Thanks To Martha & Amazon

NRTI Stock, OTC NRTI, NRTI Stock Quote, Inergetics Inc., Martha Stewart NaturalsAs summer approaches and the beach becomes a focal point for many, a surge in interest in one company’s products could have a positive effect on their penny stock. Inergetics, Inc. (NRTI), who recently signed a multi-year licensing agreement with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc., is beginning to become more and more attractive. With products focused around the nutritional requirements necessary from overcome cancer treatments to getting ready to put on that teenie bikini, NRTI stock is starting to see some strength just in time for the long, hot summer.

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NRTI, NRTI Stock, OTC NRTI, NRTI Stock Quote, Inergetics Inc., Martha Stewart Naturals, Resurgex Select, Surgex, Bikini Ready, SlimTrimNRTI Stock Quote

Market Cap: 7.92M
Last: 0.18 ▲ +0.0149 (9.00%)
Volume: 43,250
Open: 0.198
High: 0.198
Low: 0.18
Authorized: 2,000,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 47,957,103
Insiders: 13,882,362
1st Resistance Point: 0.1967
1st Support Level: 0.1367

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Creating the Martha Stewart Naturals™, a line of six specially crafted supplements to support good health, is a real boost of exposure for Inergetics even though the line won’t be available at retailers and drug stores until the Fall of 2013. From their 10-Q filing 2 weeks ago and 10-K filing from nearly 2 months ago, the revenue stream will be a huge help in trying to get the Company’s $6,708,732 long-term debt paid down.

Inergentics offers a pretty broad range of nutritional products already which have had very little effect on the top-line for the Company. For the 3 months ended March 31, 2013, total revenues were just $6,775 compared to $8,497 which help to improve performance capacity, improve lactic acid response and reduce oxidative stress.

Inergetics’ current products, which just recently became available on, include:

Resurgex Select®: A a whole foods-based nutritional product that is designed to be used throughout the course of cancer treatment (chemotherapy, radiation, etc.), as many times patients lose weight and cannot consume adequate nutrition. This product combines dietary fiber (3 g), low sugar (5 g), and high protein (15 g) with no added antioxidants to be a high-calorie (350 calorie) supplement.

Surgex™: A nutritional support formula that aims to address the concerns of many elite athletes who suffer from symptoms such as (fatigue, lean muscle loss, lactic acid buildup, oxidative stress, and stressed immune systems), designed to improve recovery parameters in efforts to enhance the performance of professional and collegiate athletes.

Surgex also has Surgex Meal which is a Meal Replacement Shake from powder, as well as Surgex Fix; a pre-work and recovery powder shake. Both the Meal Replacement and Fix are NCAA compliant. Surgex also has Surgex Pump and pre workout powder drink. Surgex Thermo is a thermogenic pill.

Bikini Ready™: Bikini Ready Yummy Shake from powder is a low calorie meal substitute while the Bikini Ready Weight Loss Catalyst is a thermogenic supplement containing fat burning ingredients. Bikini Ready Cleanse Cleanse is a multi component formula to address weight loss and detox at the same time using a natural healthy gentle laxative effect. Bikini Ready Fashion Multi is a comprehensive multiple vitamin containing ingredients to block carbohydrates, stimulate metabolism and protect cells which blocks carbohydrates from being absorbed.

SlimTrim: An inclusive weight loss formula at an affordable price.

For now, the boost in NRTI stock may be short-lived since the long-term effects from the Martha Stewart deal will take roughly a year to impact Inergetics’ revenue numbers. With the increased exposure, the chances of seeing sales hit 5 figures per quarter will be success enough considering.

About NRTI Stock

Inergetics, Inc., through its subsidiary Millennium, engages in the research, development, and marketing of specialized nutritional supplements as an adjunct to medical treatments for select medical conditions, as well as for athletes seeking improved recovery and advanced performance.

Click here to view the SEC filings for NRTI.
Click here to view the website for Inergetics.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
05/20/13 0.1651 +0.0248 +17.68% 1,177,300
05/17/13 0.1403 -0.0037 -2.57% 28,400
05/16/13 0.1440 -0.0050 -3.36% 16,700
05/15/13 0.1490 +0.0100 +7.19% 73,200
05/14/13 0.1390 -0.0410 -22.78% 193,600


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Bottom Line:

NRTI could see a pop or two over the course of the week but is surely not a penny stock that is set to make any significant runs. As long as debt continues to grow and quarterly sales continue to decline compared to same period numbers from last year, NRTI could be a risky play above the 0.10 level.

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