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OPIX stock, OTC OPIX, $OPIX, Odyssey Pictures Corporation, Odyssey Pictures Corp.Late on their filings and without any news since May, 2012, the penny stock of Odyssey Pictures Corp. (OTC: OPIX) followed the path of many Psycho alerts Tuesday offering few a chance at as much as 971% gains. Despite limited ongoing operations catering to a single client, shares of OPIX stock went berserk off the daily penny stocks alerts rushing from the open to peak within the initial 30 minutes of trading before settling down to trade almost identical to their last alert, Primco Management Inc. (PMCM). While those who got in after the first 5 minutes of trading only saw “significant” trading action was at .054, those looking for shares to continue to appreciate come Wednesday may have made the right choice — for once.

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Market Cap: 2.55M
Last: 0.035  0.029 (483.33%)
Volume: 18,002,447
Dollar Volume: $639,819
Open: 0.008
High: 0.075
Low: 0.007
Trades: 1,064
Authorized: 110,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 72,850,888
14-Day Rel Strength: 80.87%
14-Day Stochastic: 42.03%

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Historically, when the two promoters involved with pumping OPIX stock have teamed up for a two-day campaign, the target penny stock has typically had a tremendous showing in the early portion of the 2nd trading session. Predictions were flowing after the closing bell of seeing somewhere from .10, 15, or even .20 this week “if it can stay hot.”

Back in May, 2012, the Company announced from Cannes, France a sales and distribution partnership with IndiePIX, a leading online film distribution service for the independent film community. The deal provided for Odyssey Pictures to have the exclusive foreign market sales rights for 25 hand picked titles from the IndiePIX library including:

• Harrison Montgomery – Martin Landau stars as an aging recluse in San Francisco with a secret that could save the lives of his down and out friends.
• Entre Nos – A fresh take on the issue of new immigrants to the U.S.
• Everything Strange and New – The story of the American Dream gone terribly wrong.
• Icons Among Us – A compelling documentary of the greatest jazz musicians of today.
• All My Best Friends Are Funeral Singers – The eerie story of a fortune teller living in a house crowded with ghosts.
• 21 Below – A documentary portrait of a middle class family in Buffalo, NY and their fight to stay together.

While none of the above listed appear to be blockbuster films, the Company did book minimal revenues for the three months ended September 30, 2012 and 2011 of $185,382 and 248,400, respectively. Cost applicable to recorded revenues decreased $51,810 to $78,290 for the three months ended September 30, 2012 from $130,100 reported for the comparable period in the prior year. A sign of positiveness, but a very small one at best.

Historically, daily penny stocks alert’s have one-and-done whereby the shares tend to crash on day 2 as PMCM did, dropping more than -60.00%, currently down more than -71.00% from their promotion date, February 7. Since research driven investments is teamed up and prepared to spam send on OPIX for Wednesday, the chances of seeing something green from the 0.054 level which saw most of the action Tuesday is likely.

About OPIX Stock

Odyssey Pictures Corporation contracts with a client to organize and administer a new campaign for their image, branding, marketing, and general awareness of their product, media materials including all forms of recorded media, and defining methods of distribution specific to that particular client’s needs represented by the Company’s agreement with Indiepix Films for the distribution of its film Library. Click here to view the SEC filings for OPIX.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
02/12/13 0.0350 +0.0290 +483.33% 18,002,445
02/11/13 0.0060 -0.0010 -14.29% 15,900
02/06/13 0.0070 +0.0010 +16.67% 100
02/05/13 0.0060 unch unch 5,000
02/01/13 0.0060 unch unch 30,000


Bottom Line: Rolling the dice for a 2nd day of coverage on the penny stock of Odyssey Pictures Corp., OPIX, may just pay off. While OPIX stock is soon to return to the .01 level and failed to attain the $1 million mark which daily penny stocks and crew are usually good for, a drop in trustworthiness could have eventually caught up to the highest paid one-day promoter.

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