Penny Stock of Nouveau Life Pharmaceuticals NOUV So Blase

Without a pump on Nouveau Life Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Pink Sheets: NOUV) stock, the POS penny shares, fka Hybrid Fuels (HRID), wouldn’t trade. NOUV stock closed under a penny on Monday at 0.008, down -19.19%, on volume of almost 5 million shares. The claimed providers of quality all-natural dietary supplements, announced Monday that Nouveau Life has received orders from around the world for their Azul: Male Enhancer™ supplement.

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NOUV Stock Chart

Market Cap: 7.20M

a/o Mar 31, 2012
Shares Outstanding: 900M
Float: 147.46M

Melissa Walker, Nouveau Life Pharmaceuticals CEO, stated that since the “Azul: Male Enhancer™” release last week, the Company has received worldwide orders for the erectile dysfunction product. The “little blue pill” is a daily supplement designed to support a healthy libido in men and to help the over 30 million men in the U.S. who suffer with limp noddle syndrome or “can’t get it up” issues.

NOUV stock was HRID, Hybrid Fuels, up until a few weeks ago. Hybrid fuels was a biofuel company that is now making sexual enhancement products for both men and women. Question: Would you put a garbage collector and processor’s  product into your body? If you answered no, then surely you wouldn’t put their garbage stock in your portfolio.

Bottom Line: NOUV is one of those penny stocks that you use the late comedian and Hollywood actor Bernie Mac’s famous Def Jam Comedy line. “A F@*! is only 50 pumps. Count it next time when you got nothing to do.”

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