Penny Stocks To Watch: Stevia First (STVF) Is Here!

Investors who spent the holiday season writing a penny stock list instead of a gift list looking for good penny stocks to buy found a sweet gift in Stevia Corp. (OTCBB: STEV) which gained 391% to start 2012 off. The hot penny stock had those who were day trading penny stocks stampeding to get their hands on shares in the company which are still up 114% since just before the holidays. The soon to be grower of stevia in Vietnam is about to get some major competition from one of the new penny stocks, Stevia First Corp. (OTCBB: STVF),who just broke ground right here at home in the good old U.S. of A.

STVF could not have timed their entry into the market any better with 85% of stevia production currently outside the U.S., OTC bulletin board listed Stevia First is looking to cash in on the perfect storm. Great penny stocks do not come around every day and even good penny stocks are hard to find but as STEV has proven, stevia is the new sugar and the possibilities for STVF to domestically supply nearly half of the stevia consumers in the world makes this one of the hottest penny stocks in the market right now except, no one knows about them.

What is stevia?

A miracle plant. We think so anyway. Stevia is a little green plant from the sunflower family and originally native to South America. The stevia leaf is up to 300x sweeter than sugar but has no caloric value or effect on blood sugar levels. Super safe? Yes. Sweet? Yes. Worthy of a trophy?

STVF / STEV Stock Comparison:

Market Cap: 43.73M / 73.59M
Float: 39.50M / 46.33M

STVF is a new penny stock for all intents and purposes and will establish a trading history in the coming week which investors can expect to be very similar to that of STEV.

STVF One Week Stock Chart:

About Stevia First Corp. (STVF):

Located in the heart of one of the world’s most productive agricultural regions, California’s Central Valley, STVF is seeking to establish a vertically-integrated stevia enterprise in the U.S. with expertise in stevia seed and tissue propagation, plant breeding, and cultivation. Driven by a near perfect storm of demand, STVF is looking to capitalize on the domestic supply of stevia to the market for all natural, zero-calorie stevia sweeteners which is exploding.

With the European Union recently approving stevia as a food additive on December 2, 2011, leading stevia manufacturers predict that the global stevia products industry will be valued at $10 billion as soon as 2015. Coca-Cola and Pepsi are due to change their recipes in the coming months to meet FDA requirements which would require the soft drink giants to advise consumers of the risk of cancer with the current recipe.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates stevia intake could eventually replace 20-30% of all dietary sweeteners, a market STVF looks to become a major player in worth an estimated $58.3 billion in 2010.

STVF Strategy:

STVF‘s strategy is to establish a first of its kind, vertically-integrated, stevia enterprise in the U.S. and become the premier global supplier of stevia leaf for eventual use in branded stevia products. This will allow STVF to exercise total control of stevia breeding, cultivation, and harvest, including the development of optimal stevia varieties and novel mechanized harvesting methods.

Unlike the small farm production models used by current industry leaders, STVF will grow, process and sell stevia using an agri-bio business model, drawing on the rich talent pool of farmers, agrologists, agricultural innovators and equipment suppliers in California’s Central Valley, biotech expertise from neighboring universities, and access to U.S. Government funding.

With the University of California, Davis and its  several distinguished graduate programs ranked in the top 10 in their fields; most notably in agricultural economics, entomology, evolutionary biology, plant biology, and ecology, Stevia First aims to work closely with researchers to produce seed strains and growing processes to ensure the economic development of the best tasting, highest yielding stevia possible.

Market Drivers:

Obese people need love too, but they also need to be able to live and with the soaring rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease, increases in the rates of these diseases have all been linked to high consumption of sugar and/or high-calorie sweeteners, and are soaring worldwide. STVF supplying domestically produced stevia to the largest consume market in the world dealing with the risks involved with obesity could not be a better scenario for the company.

Although Barak Obama may not get re-elected come November, First Lady Michelle’s Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative is set out to target childhood obesity and put an end to the dietary habits we have grown to live with. Her push is so strong that another penny stock benefiting from the push for a healthier you is UFood Restaurant Group (OTCBB: UFFC) which has already begun the opening of 26 on-base restaurants for the U.S. military as approved by the First Lady.

Sugar prices recently hit 30-year highs and coupled with the rising demand of corn to be used for biofuel has been pushing up the price for sugar’s traditional lower-cost alternative, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

The increasing demand for stevia sweeteners is also in lockstep with a looming shortfall in sugar supply. Driven largely by increasing demand in India and China, the price of sugar price rose from about $.10 per lb. to more than $.60 per lb over the last 10 years. Global sugar consumption is forecast to rise by more than 50% to nearly 260 million tons by 2030.

Bottom Line: STVF is a penny stock to add immediately to your stock watch list and watch closely as even better positioned for market capitalization, STVF could soar to much higher levels then STEV did and maintain higher levels as well. If this domestic supplier of stevia should happen to get some kind of endorsement or funding from the Departments of Health and Human Services, the United States Department of Agriculture, or other agencies involved in food and health, this stock could skyrocket and promote health across the country.

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