Penny Stocks To Watch Today

Here is a quick update on some hot penny stocks to pay attention to today (and remember, any additions to this list will be tweeted, so you must follow us on Twitter)

GTRL – $0.10 – being profiled by a friend today. Uptrending chart, relatively low volume and a reasonably low float. These kind of plays can go either way. It could continue to break out to new highs or insiders could dump shares into the market. It should be fairly obvious early on which way it goes.

VGTL$0.57 -Getting some attention in the market with volume picking up the past few days. I don’t love the chart, but will keep an eye on it.

UTSI$1.38 – NASDAQ listed stock, gapping up right now, released earnings before the bell. Major resistance at $1.55-1.60, if it clears this, then it should easily take out 52 week highs and continue. Subscribe to get out next stock pick FREE.

SNPK$0.699 – mentioned yesterday and has been running for several days. Be VERY careful here. It could easily go higher, but sooner or later it is very likely to sell off hard.

SGAE$0.25 – a huge day yesterday. I don’t know if this was a one day wonder or not, but if we see some early volume, and the ability to break through $0.30, it could have potential.

XCLL$0.69 – Another one getting a lot of attention in the market. I don’t like the technical’s on this cahrt either, but will watch.

STVF$0.94 – nice uptrend, a big promotion going on right now. I wouldn’t chase, but maybe look at buying dips.

POTENTIAL BOUNCE PLAYS – BFLX and IRYS – I wouldn’t touch until we see definite signs of a rebound. Catching falling knives is a dangerous game.

These penny stocks to watch may make good trades. As always, do your own due diligence, plan your trade and trade your plan.

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