Place Your Seaniemac International Ltd. (BETS) – Or Not

BETS Stock, SeanieMac InternationalSince switching over from Compliance Systems Corp. (COPI) back in August, 2013, the penny stock of SeanieMac International Ltd. (BETS) has done one thing consistently – decline. Shares of the Irish gaming company traded as high as 0.19 after the move to change their name took place, but have never even come close to attempting a run back towards that level despite multiple min runs over the last 4 months. Now that BETS stock has set, yet again, another new 52 week low in yesterday’s session, can the update from CEO Shane O’Driscoll today get traders to gamble that it’s due for a bounce?

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BETS Stock Quote
Close 0.0053 Change (% Chg) -0.0017 (-24.29%)
High 0.0072 Low 0.0040
Open 0.0070 Prev Close 0.0070
Volume 2,656,316 Avg Volume 780,167
14-Day Rel Strength 38.67% Market Cap $396.02K
52Wk High 0.1180 52Wk Low 0.0040

SeanieMac International does their business in the heart of the gambling community – Ireland. Long know for they ability to “take a punt” on anything, even on which blade of grass will grow faster than another, the Company set up in the right environment, incorporating on December 11, 2011, as they began to book revenues less than 18 months later during the three month period ended June 30, 2013.

News flowed out pre-market today about SeanieMac International being “current filers” with the SEC with a description of numbers that flowed through the Company since their inception. While the 10-Q filing for the 3 months ended September 30, 2014 were recorded on December 31, 2014, the period before that on the 12th and the period before that on the 26th of November, they reported gross gaming revenues during the three months ended September 30, 2014 at $100,194 compared to $51,215 during the same period in 2013.

Within the PR issued, O’Driscoll comments that “on an unaudited basis, we had turnover revenue of $10,750,114 in 2014 versus $2,949,471 in 2013, representing an increase of 364%. SeanieMac generated a gross profit of $643,200 in 2014 versus $222,391 in 2013, representing an increase of 289%. We accomplished this without a marketing budget for most of the year.”

If that is truly the case during the period ended December 31, 2014, then BETS should be moving the decimal point over to the right today considering there are only 74,721,445 shares outstanding (as reported in the Issuer’s Form 10-Q filed December 31, 2014). Unfortunately, with $4,541,475 in liabilities as of the end of Q3, a bounce beyond 0.01 isn’t one even an Irishman would be betting on just yet.

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About BETS Stock

Seaniemac International, Ltd. is a development stage company that operates a website for online gambling, including sports betting and casino gaming in Ireland under the brand name

Click here to view the SEC filings for BETS.
Click here to view the website for Seaniemac International, Ltd.

Authorized: 2,000,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 74,721,445

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Chg Volume
01/13/15 0.0070 0.0072 0.0040 0.0053 -0.0017 -24.29% 2,656,300
01/12/15 0.0070 0.0074 0.0050 0.0070 +0.0015 +27.27% 4,735,600
01/09/15 0.0050 0.0079 0.0050 0.0055 +0.0005 +10.00% 1,034,000
01/08/15 0.0050 0.0050 0.0043 0.0050 -0.0010 -16.67% 2,470,400
01/07/15 0.0050 0.0060 0.0050 0.0060 -0.0010 -14.29% 300,000


Bottom Line:

Having seen how our last two subpenny stock alerts have played, PEFF (Monday) and GNBA (today), BETS has the share structure that could propel it into one of the hottest penny stocks on the OTC if traders would all rally together. If that was to take place, convertible note holders would be chomping at the bits to slap the bids in an effort to get out while they can before even more shares are eventually promised for loans.

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