Please, Stop The Bleeding: SEFE, SNPK, LQMT, STVF

Shares of the two big guns, SEFE Inc. and Sunpeaks Ventures (SNPK) are having the battle of the OTC penny stocks for a chance to be the biggest loser today. SEFE opened big, as expected, trading as high as $2.96 before the penny stock started to tumble in the later rounds trying to regain its composure at the $40 million mark.

Shares of Sunpeaks Ventures (SNPK) saw their 7 cent gain on a weak open disappear as the penny stock that you would have already know was headed into one of the North Springs Resources (NSRS) leased mines only to be discovered next spring by the new oil exploration efforts of Harry Lappa. LiquidMetal (LQMT) would have been better off converting one share of its penny stock for either a Freedom or Tampax problem to help control its 3-day bleed.

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5 Most Active OTC Penny Stocks (Mid-Day)

Symbol Price Pct Chg $ Volume Volume Trades
SEFE 1.83 -31.72% 40,000,761 15,710,047 7,464
SNPK 0.88 -21.43% 7,922,375 8,312,629 2,950
LQMT 0.30 -26.83% 4,156,287 12,398,840 1,622
LUXR 1.54 +2.67% 3,916,980 2,513,888 1,261
STVF 1.08 -19.40% 1,782,836 1,582,177 958

Stevia First (STVF) may not have a bleeding wound but more of a forest fire happening with their penny stock the same day they announced they are singing a lease agreement for 1,000 acres to start cultivating mariju stevia. Shares in STVF saw $1.31 before someone doused their penny stock with gasoline, kerosene and dropped a propane bomb on them.

The one lone bright spot of the top 5 most active penny stocks on the OTC is LuxeYard (LUXR) that has avoided any injuries thus far from the sharp objects and burning blazes around them as they hover in the 4th position with a gain large enough to pay for the trade fees for the limit order and stop loss using the average trade size for today; 1,937.

Bottom Line: If your investing in penny stocks or just trading them, SEFE, LUXR and STVF are the only two of the 5 most active you need to have on your list of penny stocks to watch. SNPK and LQMT will probably not see their HOD again, ever. One word said several times should resonate between your ears and on the screen when you research SEFE, and STVF: Bounce. Bounce. Bounce.


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