PLLX | The Ghosts In The Machine Gobble Up Pollex Gains

PLLX Stock, Pollex Inc., Stock Mister, Awesome Penny StocksIf only you had the luck to have picked up some shares in the penny stock of Pollex, Inc. (PLLX) like old Ralphy by did, you would be the Stock Mister of the day. Having loaded up on shares last week for around $150 a round, shares of PLLX stock, which had been a 0.027 dead ticker until today, exploded to make one group enough money to play online games for the next 12 months without having to worry about much else. With nearly as much volume traded in the first 5 minutes as the online game licencor reported as revenues for the first 6 months of 2013, the ghosts are coming to eat the pacmen who dared to venture into the maze of hype in search of that $100 cherry.

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Top 10 Penny Stocks Traded as of 09:35 AM

Symbol Price % Change $ Volume Share Volume Trades
EKDKQ 0.05 -9.09% 418,772 8,457,811 303
AAMRQ 3.67 +3.67% 3,852,409 1,052,637 271
MJNA 0.16 +1.33% 131,806 805,156 128
FNMA 1.24 +1.64% 658,301 533,246 120
AXXE 1.03 +14.44% 186,526 189,303 87
PLLX 0.35 +1,196.30% 78,149 274,893 85
NGMC 0.034 0.00% 38,609 1,042,863 83
AMBS 0.075 +1.35% 120,643 1,487,542 75
INOL 0.023 +4.55% 57,247 2,005,173 65
NVIV 1.13 -5.04% 103,273 87,272 60

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Despite there having been only 5 minutes of active trading for the week, watching how Mister outperforms his long-time P.I.C., Psycho, with a open gusher like the mentor always does is impressive to see. A wise man once said “don’t teach your father how to make a baby” and today’s first 5 minutes is looking like son just b-slapped dad who’s pumping Axxess Pharma Inc. (AXXE).

From the looks of things, many traders are sitting on the sidelines wither sill hungover from the long weekend, or just bidding their time to try to get into the next APS pick which is due to come out this week.

Now, unless this is your first pony ride, you know that at the end of last summer, APS came out with Vision Plasma Systems (VLNX) as their first ever paid pre-promotion. A ton of drama was built up for the event which even included a pre-alert message which advised the “ALL THINGS AWESOME” boarders on iHub to keep hush or suffer the consequences for leaking out the pick.

Well, it wasn’t just the “ALL THINGS AWESOME” guys who banged it up the bunghole by leaking it, but about a dozen other promoters, including Psycho, who were basically screaming for everyone to bet the farm on VLNX stock.

At the close of trading on that hyped up day, APS came out and basically said that, even though VLNX is a pinkhseet stock which we never ever promote and that more than $80 million of your money has banked on this being the next SNPK (since GWBU was a wash), the pick is pulled so good luck. Needless to say, day 2 was an absolute nightmare with some traders having lost over $100,000 overnight which APS promised would be a 500% or better winner.

So what do you do with the new APS pick coming out this week? You play the bounce on day 2 if you’re smart.

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About PLLX Stock

Pollex, Inc. is a development stage company focused on the online games industry by acquiring new game licenses and making such games commercially available in South Korea and the United States.

Click here to view the SEC filings for PLLX.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change Volume
08/27/13 0.0270 unch unch 5,000
08/23/13 0.0270 unch unch 100
08/09/13 0.0270 unch unch 500
08/07/13 0.0270 unch unch 1,700
07/30/13 0.0270 unch unch 6,000


Bottom Line:

Mister, like Psycho, is making a name for himself this year – how to burn your list and replace it all in the same day. If you missed PLLX at the open, good for you cause you would have gotten gobbled up, or even worse, hit with one of those flaming Donkey Kong barrels as yo attempted to save the princess. Keep an eye out for day 2 of the upcoming Awesome Penny Stocks promotion if you’re willing to give it a ride. If you see pink, don’t go eating it cause they don’t do no stinky pinkies!

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