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PMCMThe first full trading week of July belonged to sub penny stocks. Ending the session with some supercalafragalistic gains on the week, those who were in Primco Management Inc. (PMCM), Oriens Travel & Hotel Management Corp. (OTHM) and/or Premier Brands Inc. (BRND) at any point prior to Tuesday’s close got more than their fare share of gains given to them this week. The activity was so bullish for the most part that even DeltaThree Inc. (DDDC) uncharacteristically continued its momentum throughout the trading session to end the day near the HOD, up 277.78%, as the 13th most traded penny stock on the OTC. All that can be said after the closing bell is: Wow! What a week for sub penny stock traders.

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Top 10 Penny Stocks Traded

Symbol Price % Change $ Volume Share Volume Trades
FNMA 1.47 +0.68% 29,018,182 20,431,130 3,912
BRND 0.0115 -25.81% 3,249,968 172,761,194 3,233
ARTH 1.05 -15.32% 6,343,881 5,451,984 1,950
FMCC 1.39 +0.72% 9,949,444 7,470,458 1,738
AAMRQ 4.98 +2.68% 18,385,954 3,709,754 1,382
PMCM 0.0122 +577.78% 1,172,753 202,474,518 1,358
XUII 0.357 +9.58% 2,344,949 6,745,073 1,096
OTHM 0.0024 +242.86% 570,586 276,684,024 1,025
NVIV 4.729 +6.99% 3,878,768 842,350 819
SCRC 0.413 -57.42% 1,187,918 1,589,707 702

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Primco Management Inc. (PMCM) ended the week near a high note on its largest volume trading session of the year (and in its short history), gaining as much as 733% from the open after the fully integrated multi-media entertainment company announced that legendary music producer Mike Clink will produce the Debut Album for ESMG’s new and emerging alternative rock band, “Downtown Attraction.” It wasn’t so much the news that ESMG had entered into a multi-year/multi-album deal to produce and distribute original music written and performed by the breakthrough alternative LA-based rock band “Downtown Attraction,” but rather that Mike Clink, who started his career as an engineer at Record Plant Studios, has recorded such bands as:

  • Triumph,
  • Guns N’ Roses,
  • MötleyCrüe,
  • Megadeth,
  • UFO (including Strangers in the Night),
  • Jefferson Starship,
  • The Babys,
  • Heart,
  • Eddie Money and many others

Producing the release of Guns N’ Roses’ debut album in 1986, “Appetite for Destruction”, it was Clink’s connection which drove PMCM stock through the roof today. This was the 2nd time in less than a month that PMCM stock has surged from the 0.001 level, but this time it all took place in one session. Its too bad this news wasn’t around in February when PMCM dumped on Psycho.

Oriens Travel & Hotel Management Corp. (OTHM) returned to the level it was at back in early June after the Next Generation International Hotel Brand Operator, operating its Hotel PURE brand, announced that, as of today, the FROL Booking Engine has excelled the company further than initially expected, forcing them to explore a merger/acquisition scenario valued at in excess of $30,000,000. Sometimes, I tell my wife how, after a sick workout session in the gym when I can put up 315lbs on the bench without a spotter, that the increased strength and return to levels not seen in months has forced me to explore a threesome, that never seems to workout for some reason.

On the negative side, although a ton of money was made, ScripsAmerica Inc. (SCRC) was trailing along nicely all day long at, or around, the open of 0.977 until, suddenly, in the last hour of trading, the money seemed to have run out of the latest Money Runners pick. Shares of SCRC stock gave back all of their gains for the month and even some of June’s, to close at the LOD not leaving too many traders optimistic that a resurgence on Monday will be possible.

In the event that sorrow need to be drained or celebrating gains is appropriate after the close today, some may turn to grab themselves some Bad Boy Vodka, a Dennis Rodman branded vodka produced by Premier Brands, Inc. (BRND), a company in the business of creating, acquiring and marketing consumer packaged goods and new product development. BRND stock was in the news on several occasion throughout the trading week, but even a reminder of what happened with the stock last summer couldn’t keep it from running from 0.0015 last Friday to as high as 0.0359 today, a whopping 2,293% over the course of a week.

About PMCM Stock

Primco Management Inc., through its wholly-owned subsidiary, ESMG Inc., operates as an integrated entertainment company with divisions in music and film production and distribution, and is launching additional divisions in television, radio and online sports.

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Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
07/12/13 0.0122 +0.0104 +577.78% 202,474,516
07/11/13 0.0018 unch unch 16,091,101
07/10/13 0.0018 -0.0010 -35.71% 26,700,801
07/09/13 0.0028 +0.0007 +33.33% 25,614,699
07/08/13 0.0021 +0.0007 +50.00% 9,351,900


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Bottom Line:

The first full trading session of July has proven that there is money to be made on penny stocks during the summer months and those who were scared away after the end of June sell-off will be clawing back to their trading screens next week.

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