Premium Membership Has Arrived

AHP Premium Membership

Premium Membership “Is Here”

For less than $2 a trading session, would having the ability to trade multi-baggers weekly on the OTC and with SPY options help or hurt your long term plan?

After years of covering breakout penny stocks, those which need to be avoided, and finding some of the most consistent SPY pattern for successfully trading options, traders finally pushed me to the point where a premium, real-time, membership IS NOW LIVE!  

If you are serious about becoming a consistently profitable trader and looking to become disciplined about your ability to turn $1,000 into $1,000,000 IN PROFITS in 32 trades, then you will want to be one of the LIMITED NUMBER OF MEMBERS ALLOWED to take advantage of the following:

? Access to Tickers that are Due for MASSIVE RUNS
? Members Only Chat Room
? Knowledge of Tickers to AVOID
? 1 on 1 Assistance with Achieving Targets/Goals from Trading
? Daily Pre Market Scans & Watch Lists
? Access to PROTECTED Twitter Alerts/Updates
? An Introduction to Options Trading
? My daily SPY Options trading strategy
? How To Really Research a Ticker
? Most Importantly, Trade Alerts (My Entries & Exits)

Premium Membership service is as follows:

  • $79.95 per month; or
  • $470.90 for One Year (50% Discount) – ending soon


The concept is simple from my side:    Pay It Forward

Looking back at 2011, I was between jobs, almost broke, and decided to create AimHighProfits for the sole purpose of writing down the research I was doing to be able to remember key factors and utilize my Masters Degree in Accounting by reading as many filings as I could.  After a few months at it, I was already picking multi-baggers and seeing the trends market makers tend to show when a particular runner is out of steam.

Since, I was able to earn over half a million dollars via OTC stocks.

From September to December (and the first week of January), I made it a point to go as close to real-time as possible via Twitter and many followers replied with messages of the thousands they made and the mistakes they avoided because of my influence.  Learning how to turn $300 into $3,000 sounds too good to be true until you look back at those three months worth of picks and see how over $50,000 in profits was there to be had.  

Just like there are days when there are no trades to be made due to lack of a decent entry, there are traders who are not able to access their trading platforms every trading session or be in front of their screens scanning and searching for their next good trade.  By allowing membership to only a few, the ability to customize picks catered to match the criteria of each individual’s trading potential makes finding those trades that much easier.

So How To Join?

How it’s going to work is like this:

If you are serious, send me a message here on our Contact Us page with:

  • Email Address;
  • Twitter Handle;
  • Skype Name; and
  • What Your 3 Month Trading Goal Is

If conquering the OTC demons and other tickers is something you’d like to accomplish, Premium Membership is just for you.

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