PRKA | Parks! America Goes From Gorilla To Koala In 2 Minutes

PRKA Stock, PRKA Stock Quote, PRKA Stock Review, Parks! AmericaPenny stock traders didn’t have to venture to Georgia or Missouri today to enjoy the “Wild Animal” adventure of Parks! America, Inc. (PRKA) thanks to Psycho. Alerts came out just after the opening bell allowing less than 2 lucky traders to get into PRKA stock at under .05 before the crushing grip of the Gorilla named “Pump” came out and forced the hand of those wanting to play to pay more. Sadly enough, this is yet another great, real Company with decent revenues that has been destroyed thanks to the Psycho created, 45 second blip on its stock chart.

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Market Cap: 5.19M
Last: 0.07 ▲ 0.045 (+180.00%)
Volume: 3,052,448
Dollar Volume: $344,491
Open: 0.039
High: 0.203
Low: 0.035
Trades: 501
Authorized: 300,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 74,106,537
14-Day Rel Strength: 64.59%
14-Day Stochastic: 22.13%

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Parks America’s PRKA stock had been sitting around doing nothing for years and traders paid no attention to it until two weeks ago when Jon Laria resigned as CFO leaving Dale Van Voorhis to man the ship (or safari bus as it may be) for the Company. Despite revenues being reported on average of $500 million plus every three months, producing near break-even EBITDA, there was no interest in the shares.

That’s some darn good numbers considering the Midwest and Georgia weren’t as quick to get out of the discretionary spending recession as were the more metropolitan areas of the U.S. making Parks America a possible buyout candidate if one of the larger theme parks was looking to expand.

If paying good money to go watch a lion lick his sack, monkeys pick their butts, or an alligator get fed a “ready-to-cook” chicken doesn’t sound like a fun afternoon, then you’re not a pre-teen tugging on the pant legs of your parents to get a class field trip slip signed. That service alone is enough to think that, as long as kids are being created in the areas where the Company runs its parks, money is going to continue to stroll through the turnstiles.

About PRKA Stock

Parks! America, Inc. owns and operates through wholly-owned subsidiaries two regional theme parks and is in the business of acquiring, developing and operating local and regional theme parks and attractions in the United States.

Click here to view the SEC filings for PRKA.
Click here to view the website for Parks! America.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
05/28/13 0.0250 -0.0100 -28.57% 100
05/24/13 0.0350 unch unch 800
05/22/13 0.0350 -0.0040 -10.26% 100
05/16/13 0.0390 +0.0040 +11.43% 16,800
05/15/13 0.0350 +0.0020 +6.06% 14,600


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Bottom Line:

PRKA stock is going to come down hard tomorrow (Friday at the latest) making it a good candidate to be on the list of penny stocks to watch for those who want to take a LONG position on some small money. As long as sales continue to be at $500 million plus per quarter, there is no reason why PRKA stock shouldn’t be a candidate for a possible buyout in the coming years.

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