PTOO | 50/50 SMA Unleashes Pitooey! Stock This Week

PTOO stock, PTOO scam, PTOO Stock Quote, Pitooey! Inc.,OTC:PTOO, OTC PTOOA week ago Friday, speculators looking to get in front of SMA’s first penny stock alerts since Psychic Friends Network (PFNI) in December got their teaser issued publicly. PITOOEY! Inc. (OTC:PTOO) announced to the public that their “50/50” campaign to launch a whole new era in communication between consumers and the businesses they love had been launched with a target set: Expand into 50 highly populated markets within 50 days. With PTOO stock just sitting there after the Company filed its 10-K to start the week, what are the chances the SEFE related shares are to be the selection for SMA and crew?

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Market Cap: 99.45M
Last (April 1): 1.00  -0.15 (-13.04%)
Authorized: 400,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 101,479,423
Insiders: 79,806,000 (77.93%)
Jacob DiMartino
CEO/Director: 28,505,000 (28.09%)
David Sonkin
COO/Director: 29,255,000 (28.83%)
Patrick Deparini
CFO/Director: 8,173,000 (8.05%)
Frederick Lawrence
Director: 8,173,000 (8.05%)
Robert Swope
Pres. of Rockstar Digital: 4,980,000 (4.91%)

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As we described in our initial coverage on Pitooey! a month ago (see here), the ties to the company incubator and insiders has all the makings of a replica from SMA’s pick this time last year: SEFE. With the website revamped since our initial coverage and the 10-K filed, PTOO stock has set itself up for as many as 50 PR issuances to help boost awareness and pump this sucker for some gains only savvy investors will know how to make.

Described by David Sonkin, COO and face for Company Public Relations thus far, as “chomping at the bit to expand across America,” the Company announced that Pitooey! will launch 50 new locations, one each day, for 50 days. Via every pre-existing social media outpost which has the biggest followers and branded name recognition, through the Company’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as the Pitooey! website, a new city will be announced at 8AM PST every morning for the next 50 days. How’s that for PTOO stock support.

Rob Swope, Chief Digital Officer of Pitooey! Inc., stated that “Having consumers building their lists before Pitooey! releases the full version of the app is giving people a head start on a game changing lifestyle mobile app. It’s like being invited to a sound check at a Bruce Springsteen concert.”

The Company’s mobile application (currently available on the iTunes® App StoreSM) is an ad network featuring highly targeted messages from businesses subscribed to by individual users. Pitooey! offers businesses an opportunity to flip the traditional communications landscape, and only deliver messages to consumers who express a desire for them, thereby ridding consumers of unwanted messages, while simultaneously focusing a business’ audience to those actually interested in connecting.

A spam filter for your social media content in layman’s terms.

With the Pitooey! app, customers search for and subscribe to businesses they wish to follow and receive notifications from. Upon login, users create a personalized profile of their favorite businesses through vitalizing the easy to use search and subscribe feature that enables consumers to receive deals and/or updates on those businesses. After building their lists, consumers will receive deals and notifications only from the companies on their lists; no unwanted messages, ever.

Regardless of spam, unwanted messages or list building exercises by businesses putting the newest version of TagLikeMe (TAGG) to work, what traders want to see this week is for PTOO stock to stop hesitating on bringing those MM’s to the table, drop that share price to make it an affordable entry level, and roll in the money on SMA’s probable pick for the spring of 2013. “Show me the money!” will be the sentiment should those 3 fall in to place this week.

About PTOO Stock

PITOOEY!, Inc. is a complete digital marketing agency offering, through their three service packages, businesses a comprehensive set of tools that focuses on engaging with the rapidly growing number of social and mobile-centric consumers.

Click here to view the SEC filings for PTOO.
Click here to view the website for Pitooey!

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
04/01/13 1.0000 -0.1500 -13.04% 1,300
03/27/13 1.1500 -0.0500 -4.17% 1,100
03/19/13 1.2000 -0.1500 -11.11% 4,000
03/18/13 1.3500 +0.0500 +3.85% 600
03/15/13 1.3000 -0.0500 -3.70% 200


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Bottom Line:

PTOO has a commanding lead on the list of penny stocks to watch which could be the next SMA pick. When considering the set up and design, as well as the insider connections with SEFE, PTOO stock would almost seem to be a “no-brainer” of a choice. Now, the question is when will they unleash the beast.

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