Put Me Out A Fat LiIne Cause I Just Don’t KGET It

KGET StockKleangas Energy Technologies, Inc. (KGET) did what no other OTC ticker has been able to do successfully as of yet this year – pump the shit out of their worthless penny stock. Amassing over $11 million in dollar volume between Thursday and Friday’s trading sessions, gaining over 3,375% in less than 2 months, KGET stock surged beyond expectations and actually held up their ill-deserved gains to end the week. Despite having just $29 worth of assets as of their most recent filing, claims of a $10 million minimum order for “pellets” to a Korean feed and hay provider brought in an even greater amount of dumb money to believe the bullshit.

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KGET Stock Quote

Market Cap: 25.93M
Last: 0.019 ▼ -0.0055 (-22.45%)
Volume: 298,165,207
Dollar Volume: $7,912,542
Open: 0.0278
High: 0.211
Low: 0.018
Trades: 5,110
Authorized: 3,000,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 1,364,648,358
14-Day Rel Strength: 71.50%
1st Resistance Point: 0.1473
1st Support Level: 0.00457

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Just prior to Christmas, Kleangas Energy Technologies started to really move up their KGET stock up the charts after announcing that they completed the acquisition of Green Day Technologies, Inc. Bringing on Bo Linton (pronounced “Boo!”) into their management position, former management William B. Wylie and Dennis J. Klein took steps back and even returned 1,052,000,000 of the 2,100,000,000 they acquired when they took over the Company back in August, 2012.

Now, what Boo promised is, now that the Green Day Technologies acquisition was complete 2014 should be a great year for KGET since they have a pending acquisition of an operating company with an EBITDA of $1,000,000 already in the works. Pending Bio Mass pellet contracts that Green Day Technologies had been working on were said to add up to a 50% growth in revenue and an increase of at least 20% growth in gross profit for KGET.

50% growth in revenue? 20% growth in gross profit? From a simple battery operate calculator, a 50% increase of $0 is still $0 and a 20% increase of $0 is also still $0.

Just have a look at the last SEC filing for GDT Tek Inc. – a 10-K for the year ended June 30, 2010 when there was only 38,801,424,763 shares of GDTK stock issued and outstanding. They had $0 cash, $0 revenues, and subsequently had their stock, GDTK, revoked on July 25, 2013 by the SEC for failing to to file required periodic reports. If you aren’t hearing bells an whistles by now – you need to call that 1-800 number immediately and order the Miracle Ear.

Heck, Bo Linton even signed off on an 8-K from April, 2013 which had Green Day Technologies entering into the exclusive right to purchase 100% of a certain business that supplies electricity to the grid from electrical generators near the Great Lakes that burn methane gas which was due to cost the Company $8.95 million plus stock.

However, who are we to doubt the authenticity of Bryan Sangwook Kang and Peniel Trading acting as the Corporation’s sales agent in the Republic of South Korea. They are under contract now to sell and distribute the Corporation’s products and Peniel Trading should bust their asses for Kleangas Energy because they are due to make a $2.00 commission per ton of pellets sold. I mean, after looking a G-Pel.com, the Company’s scare-tactic device for fearing U.S. citizens of the rolling brown outs which have become a normal part of life for some communities, what is there to really doubt of this ever-so transparent Company booking as much as $20,000,000 the year for sale of “pellets”?

They have obviously been so successful at booking revenues on each and every other venture they have embarked on. Just like Friday’s drop of -91.00% from the HOD, Tuesday’s session looks to be an absolute bloodfest of carnage.

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About KGET Stock

Kleangas Energy Technologies, Inc. is a development stage company hoping to one day design, manufacture and sell Oxy-Hydrogen Systems, as well as “pellets”.

Click here to view the SEC filings for KGET.
Click here to view the website for KleanGas, here to view the website of GDT Tek..

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
01/17/14 0.0278 0.2110 0.0180 0.0190 -0.0055 -22.45% 298,165,188
01/16/14 0.0050 0.0245 0.0040 0.0245 +0.0210 +600.00% 277,121,875
01/15/14 0.0029 0.0035 0.0029 0.0035 +0.0006 +20.69% 2,220,800
01/14/14 0.0031 0.0035 0.0027 0.0029 -0.0004 -12.12% 5,381,800
01/13/14 0.0028 0.0037 0.0027 0.0033 +0.0006 +22.22% 6,620,300


Bottom Line:

After watching The Wolf of Wall Street last night, why shouldn’t buying into the penny stock of KGET be like buying shares of the Sun when it was discovered. Maybe I need to jerk off after my morning workout and again after lunch, do a couple rails off some hooker’s ass and then, just then, I might be able to buy into the KGET stock hype. But, as things stand from what research everyone has access to, I just don’t KGET how the hell over $11 million traded on this cerebral palsy afflicted Company.

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