QTXB | QuantRX Biomedical Giving Traders Hemorrhoids

QTXB Stock, OTC QTXB, QTXB Stock Quote, QuantRX Biomedical Corp., Called by Psycho as the “Superstar High Jumper of the Week”, the penny stock of QuantRX Biomedical Corp. (OTC: QTXB) did exactly that – jump. Peaking within 2 minutes of trading today at 0.139, QTXB stock took less than 3 minutes to jump off of that cliff, plunging more than -46% with 5 minutes of the peak. While novice traders continue to be sucked into the Darth Trader trap of Psycho’s PPC beam, perhaps the money raised today by the insiders selling might be enough to get the biotech’s website back up and running to prove their patented PadKit technology for the worldwide healthcare industry is worth a crap.

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Market Cap: 4.41M
Last: 0.066 ▲ 0.048 (+266.67%)
Volume: 1,567,141
Dollar Volume: $185,918
Open: 0.09
High: 0.139
Low: 0.059
Trades: 303
Authorized: 150,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 52,528,644

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The first quote from Psycho’s alert on QuantRX Biomedical today was “QTXB is so small, and so ready to fly, I would be shocked if we didn’t see a triple digit move today!” That’s really not so hard to do when the stock gaps open at 0.09 from yesterday’s close of 0.018.

QuantRX has developed a technology platform for use in the, you guessed it, healthcare industry. These platforms include: inSync®, Unique™, PadKit®, and OEM branded OTC and laboratory testing products based on the Company’s core intellectual property related to its PAD technology.

Go figure the irony too: Those involved with the bags left over by buying QTXB stock off of the Psycho’s alert can actually use this technology QuantRX has developed. The products their platfrm is design for are intended for the treatment of hemorrhoids, minor vaginal infection, urinary incontinence, general catamenial uses and other medical needs.

If you don’t have hemorrhoids after being mugged by buying into QTXB stock, consider yourself a lucky one cause it’s gonna get much, much worse as the day goes on.

About QTXB Stock

QuantRX Biomedical Corp. is focused on the medical equipment industry after developing, with plan to commercialize, its patented PadKit® technology for the worldwide healthcare industry.

Click here to view the SEC filings for QTXB.
Click here to view the “under construction” website for QuantRX.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
06/03/13 0.0180 unch unch 600
05/23/13 0.0180 -0.0110 -37.93% 200
05/17/13 0.0290 unch unch 2,500
05/16/13 0.0290 +0.0090 +45.00% 15,000
05/15/13 0.0200 -0.0100 -33.33% 5,000


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Bottom Line:

I doubt one single trader not involved with the “behind the scenes” workings of Psycho makes even half the amount QuantRX Biomedical Corp. reported as revenues last quarter: $3,341. For those still chasing the penny stock picks coming out of the once insanely awesome promotions offered by Psycho, like Tony said to Elvira: “Looking good, honey. Keep up the bad work.”

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