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QUAN Stock, Quantum International, OTC:QUANShares in Quantum International Corp. (OTC:QUAN) have been on a robotic downtrend as they push forward on commercializing their robot technology. Sell in May and go away was meant for QUAN stock which has dropped from 3.99 on May 1 to 0.565 on Monday, an -85.84% decline. With intentions of revolutionizing construction with their pre-existing technology, investors are already hip to the pay-per-click game.

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QUAN, QUAN Stock, Quantum International, OTC:QUANQUAN Stock Chart

Close: 0.75, up 0.05 (7.14%)
Volume: 31,445
High: 0.76
Trades: 15
Average Trade Size: 2,096
Authorized: 200,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 27,277,162
Float: 4,890,491

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The newest attempt to push their shares into the public stems from their PR stating how robots can do the work of a human in CAD designing. Pioneered by USC Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering Behrokh Khoshnevis, Quantum International claims that a new kind of robot is being developed that can read an architect’s CAD drawings and build a house using 3D printing technology.

This is a real help to the economy which has nationwide unemployment of over 8%. We, as a nation, draw the line at automatic car washing. The PR states that by applying successive layers of concrete on top of one other, the gantry-mounted robot can build vertical walls and even domed roofs. What the Company needs is a robot that can build revenues and its hard to see that the feat would be possible with just $1,905 in cash as of June 30th and no actual robot.

In their attempt to compare themselves to other robotics companies like iRobot Corp., Honda Motor Co., Ltd. and AeroVironment, Inc., QUAN stock has no chance of ever seeing the success any of their counterparts have had.

About QUAN Stock

National Clean Fuels, Inc., formerly National Wind Solutions, Inc., Telemedicus, Inc. and Lipid Labs, Inc., has acquired and hopes to continue to acquire and commercialize technologies developed at major universities. We are traded under the symbol NACF. We are a development stage company and have had no operating revenues since re-entering the development stage on November 30, 2006.

The Company was incorporated in the State of Texas in 2001 as Lipid Labs, Inc. Since incorporation, the Company has changed names and business plans several times: First to Lipid Labs, Inc. in 2001, then to National Health Alliance, Inc. in 2006, then back to Lipid Labs, Inc. in 2006, then to Telemedicus, Inc. in 2007. The Company changed its name to National Wind Solutions, Inc. in 2008. Finally, the Company changed its name to National Clean Fuels, Inc. in March of 2010.

With the name change to National Wind Solutions, Inc., (and subsequently to National Clean Fuels, Inc.) the Company adopted a new business plan: commercialize cutting edge clean energy technologies. The Company  now claims to be an emerging industry player capitalizing on our understanding of clean energy technology and supporting the development of alternative energy plans for corporations and government entities.

Don’t believe that’s the same Company, QUAN? See here.

Bottom Line: The pay-per-click ads for the penny stock of quantum International, QUAN, seem to be working for for dumping shares onto unsuspected investors. If QUAN stock stands any chance of seeing $1 again, they had better hope James Cameron comes by and stamps his name on it for an upcoming movie: “Terminator V – Decline of The Penny Stock” .

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