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REDG Stock, New Penny Stocks, Penny Stocks To WatchNow that the name and symbol change s complete, activity should begin on Red Giant Entertainment (REDG) some time in early part of September. Focused on the comic book industry, one thing REDG stock really has that gives it some Super Humans power is the backing of legendary artist, Stan Lee, who collaborated with Benny on some previous works. Even though they wont have rights to any of the pre-existing billion dollar creations of the legend, the company has more than enough sexiness to draw traders attention to it.

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REDG Stock Structure

Close: 0.25
Volume: 0
Stock Split: 6-for-1 effective July 19, 2012
Authorized: 900,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 434,922,000

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REDG, Red Giant entertainment, New Penny StocksPictured is one of the covers of Exposure, one of the featured comics created by Red Giant

Red Giant Entertainment Inc. was created on January 1, 2011 and has booked only limited revenues; $25,723 in net sales and $9,122 of net income for 2011. For the 5 months ended May 31, 2012, REDG booked$15,351 in net sales and $10,156 of net income, a recognizable increase compared the their first year.

The one main trigger pulling hype they can really pump REDG stock with is their connection to Stan Lee. The creator of so many incredible characters which have been turned into mega-blockbuster big screen creations has a television show out: Stan Lee’s Super Humans. According to the detailed description of the share purchase agreement, “the legend” may have done an intro for “Japan Needs Heroes”, but REDG will not have the priviledge of booking a percentage as revenues nut is still totally awesome to be connected to.

Rehashing what we covered initially when they were still Castmor Resources (CASL),  Benny Powell was issued 40 million pre-split restricted shares on June 11, 2012 under the Share Exchange Agreement. This gave Powell controlling interest in CASL which is now REDG. The 40 million shares represented approximately 55% of the outstanding shares. The existing stockholders of CASL held 32,487,000 pre-split shares, and, as a result, became minority shareholders in CASL, now REDG.

Summary: After the 6-for-1 forward stock split, Powell owns 240 million restricted shares and the pre-exiting shareholders own 194,922,000 free trading shares which have a cost basis of 0.0017 or less.

About REDG Stock

Red Giant Entertainment is a Limited Liability Corporation, founded by a collection of creative individuals. Together with our sister company, Red Giant Media, we have vast experience in multiple media industries such as publishing, printing, distribution, film, TV, print, Web, animation, licensing, and marketing. The Company is already the cornerstone content provider for the largest online Web portal to comic books with page views in the tens of millions. Circulation means not only eyeballs and awareness for the mass-market translations of these properties, but profitability in the advertising arena where audience numbers equates directly to revenue.

Bottom Line: Keep a close eye out on REDG and add it to the list of penny stocks to watch once the initial trade goes through. Some traders think it maybe the penny stock pick of Victory Mark, but until an email confirmation is received, all we can do is speculate on REDG. Their art work is pretty damn sexy.

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