reShoot Launch Makes Wally World Media (WLYW) Attractive

The very first press release from the penny stock of Wally World Media, Inc. (WLYW) has finally been issued and boy is it sweet. The developer of mobile technology platforms has launched reShoot, a free mobile video camera app for Apple’s iPhone and iPad which makes editing videos “on the fly” a easy as it is to shoot the video itself. Although the app is not yet available for Android or Windows smartphone and tablet users, the significant achievement for the startup company makes all the more reason why WLYW stock could be a good buy and hold investment, especially seeing how healthy their balance sheet is.

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Market Cap: 14.28M
Last: 0.3899 ▲ +0.0699 (+21.84%)
Volume: 19,200
Dollar Volume: $7,491
Open: 0.3949
High: 0.3949
Low: 0.32
Trades: 5
Authorized: 500,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 36,620,000
14-Day Rel Strength: 50.58%
1st Resistance Point: 0.4165
1st Support Level: 0.3416

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Back in December, 2013, Wally World Media completed the initial development of their reShoot video technology, a new video camera app for Apple iPhones and iPads running iOS 7 which allows users to easily correct videos while recording them by rewinding and reshooting over the unwanted part. This is a huge launch considering the amount of iPhone and iPad users out there that shoot and upload their videos to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, YouPop and Dropbox.

Oh yeah, that YouPop is a Wally World Media’s, a social media platform launched for public use in April, 2013 that lets users to place job offers or solicit services, such as a video production or other virtual needs such as designing personalized birthday wishes. Wally World Media had designed a unique approach on how to get YouPop popular which was hiring a consultant for $2,500 a month to recruit approved celebrities to be profiled on the YouPop website.

Although reShoot is a free app and YouPop hasn’t yet really popped in the social media world to a point where revenues are flowing in the door for Wally World Media, the books are as healthy as a horse as of the 3 months ended December 31, 2013. Cash on hand was $246,665, nearly all of the $300,000 the Company expected would be needed to cover expenses for fiscal 2014, and total liabilities were a mere $65,261.

Since no revenues have been flowing in, Wally World Media has been staying afloat by selling shares of WLYW stock to accredited investors over the past year for $0.10 a share. Although some may find that risky since the share price is nearly 300% greater than that right now, of the 36,620,000 shares of WLWY stock issued and outstanding as of February 11, 2014:

Darin Myman, CEO owns 3,950,000;
Adam Wasserman, CFO owns 420,000;
Robb Knie, former CEO and employee, owns 6,050,000;
Alpha Capital Anstalt owns 3,325,000;
Eric Weisblum owns 1,500,000; and
An additional 4,100,000 shares were recently sold for $0.10

That calculates to 19,345,000 shares of WLWY stock making the float 17,275,000 – small enough to make any iPhone or iPad user that uses the reshoot app to not have to think twice about whether or not 0.40 is a good price or not.

WLYW, WLYW Stock, Wally World Media Inc., reShoot App, WLYW Stock Chart, WLYW Stock Quote, WLYW Share Price, Darin Myman,Adam Wasserman,Robb Knie,Alpha Capital Anstalt,Eric Weisblum

About WLYW Stock

Wally World Media, Inc., the developer of reShoot’s patent pending technology, is a development stage company specializing in developing mobile technology platforms for digital media and entertainment.

Click here to view the SEC filings for WLYW.
Click here to view the website for reShoot.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
03/18/14 0.3949 0.3949 0.3200 0.3899 +0.0699 +21.84% 19,200
03/17/14 0.4950 0.4950 0.3200 0.3200 -0.0400 -11.11% 9,500
03/14/14 0.4000 0.4500 0.3600 0.3600 -0.0400 -10.00% 23,700
03/13/14 0.4100 0.4100 0.4000 0.4000 +0.1000 +33.33% 6,500
03/12/14 0.5000 0.5450 0.2900 0.3000 -0.2400 -44.44% 32,000


Bottom Line:

Remember “Flappy Bird” and how the developer pulled the app after just a couple of weeks because of all the attention despite the fact he was making nearly $50,000 a day from the ads on the game? Well if even a fraction of that money flow was to find its way to Wally World Media, WLYW might not be a penny stock for very long. Although volume has yet to hit WLYW, today’s news and user ratings that are due to come on the reShoot app will play important factors as to where things go from here.

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