WLYW | Hello Wally World Media, When Will YouPop For Us?

WLYW Stock, Wally World Media Inc., YouPop, YouPop.com, Rob Knie,Darin MymanHow would you like to receive a special greeting from your favorite celebrity, or maybe order a funny video for a friend made with the script you wrote? How about finding that new employee you need to fill that open slot? Well, the newly listed penny stock of Wally World Media, Inc. (WLYW) can make that happen for you from their website, YouPop. We all remember when Clark Griswold lost the plot when he went to great lengths with his family in the 80’s to get to Wally World and it looks as if OTC traders will soon get their chance to as well once the inaugural trades of WLYW stock begin to show up.

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WLYW Stock Structure

Authorized: 500,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 23,670,000
5% or more Owners: 16,075,000

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Among the things internet users will e able to find on Wally World Media’s YouPop are video of a personalized birthday wish, a practical joke, a dare as well as events such as a bachelor party or anniversary on the Company’s “Party Crowd” platform. Furthermore to their services, users of the website may accept donations from people who are attending the event. Score!

The payment platform was set into place back in 2012 with Amazon Payments, Inc. (see here) They will eventually start booking revenue by charging both the person looking for services to be provided and the service provider with a transaction fee or service charge equal to up to 15% from each party.

Incubated with the help of Gregg E. Jaclin, Esq. of the Anslow & Jaclin, LLP law firm, Wally World Media looks to have the funding it needs in order to get by the first couple of months. The Beta version of their website is already live and, as of their first Q filing for the 3 months ended March 31, 2013, the Company had $157,052 in the bank and just $33,169 due in accounts payable.

As for WLYW stock, 19,730,000 of the 23,670,000 issued and outstanding belonged to the founders, Rob Knie (6,050,000), Francine Knie (1,250,000) and current CEO and President Darin Myman (3,950,000) and other insiders listed on the S-1 filing, which included 3,325,000 owned by Alpha Capital Anstalt (3,325,000). Between June, 2012 and December, 2012, the Company sold 4,870,000 shares of WLYW stock at $0.10 per share; $487,000.

Note that Adam Wasserman is the acting Chief Financial Officer which means we will soon be seeing WLYW stock on the circuit.

About WLYW Stock

Wally World Media, Inc. is an emerging growth company focused on creating an internet crowd-sourcing, virtual, micro service network that allows users that register on the Company’s website to place job offerings for a service on the Company’s “youpop” platform, a social media website.

Click here to view the SEC filings for WLYW.
Click here to view the website for YouPop.

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Bottom Line:

WLYW is a new penny stock and should begin trading soon on the OTC. Noting the private placement and other capital raising transactions whereby WLYW stock was sold to private investors for $0.10, expect to see initial trades be above that before you go sending a personalized greeting card to someone about how you just banked big off of Wally World Media.

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